One of most exciting discoveries this year has been the highly gifted and inspiring Artist, Jenny Anne Morrison who is living proof that anything can be achieved if you feel the passion and follow your heart.

Jenny is also a practicing Buddhist of many years and firmly believes that her mantra Nam Myoho Renge Kyo has been the key to her success, and enabled her to keep on track with her creative vision and ultimate success.

As a young adult, Jenny was advised by her parents that art would never yield an income, and that she should pursue a more reliable ‘day job’.  Jenny then went onto run a highly successful health and beauty business but never felt completely fulfilled.

Then after a number of major life challenges and changes, Jenny decided to study Art, which had always been her life’s ambition.  She enrolled into the Heatherly School of Fine Art in Chelsea in 2005, having not picked up a brush since her childhood.   Within a short space of time, this amazing lady realised that she had a very special gift and decided to pursue it wholeheartedly, now with the full support of her family.

The rest is indeed history, as Jenny moved to Spain with her highly supportive husband Willi Morrison and has now transformed part of their home into a heavenly art gallery where she can exhibit her paintings and host viewings for her guests and loyal clientele.


Jenny has also travelled the world and seized the opportunity to interpret on canvas vibrant flamenco dancers, ballerinas, horses, landscapes, seascapes, sunsets, skies, people, places, feelings, faces; and indeed anything that has captured her eye and imagination.  Her paintings and art are awe inspiring.

Jenny Anne Morrison is now a highly acclaimed and successful International Artist, and has exhibited across the World at renowned galleries and exhibitions.

She is also running a thriving business with her work, taking instructions from all over the Globe with original commissions, as well as transforming her original paintings onto cards and canvas.

But to us the most exciting aspect of Jenny Anne Morrison is her overall objective as an artist which is ‘to lift the spirit, to elevate the soul and to give inner peace, joy and happiness.’which in our book is the most important thing of all.

Check out Jenny’s paintings at

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