It is true that creativity is 10 percent inspiration and the rest sheer hard graft, and the same can be said with lighting – meaning your room may have beautiful furniture and décor but if your rooms are not carefully lit, your home can fall short of any kind of atmosphere.

You will know yourself that any movie worth its salt will have the most stunning lighting effects to illustrate each scene, from romance to danger or sheer celebration.

You don’t always have to invest in extortionate designer floodlit wall or ceiling lighting to create the desired effect. The Lighting Superstore offer a range of superb products that should light up your day as well as various areas of your home, and depending on your style of interior, there should be a good match, whether it be an ultramodern or shabby chic.   There is also a fabulous sale on at the moment which you should investigate if you are looking to brighten up your space.

At you will find some beautiful inspirational pieces like the Retro Silk Industrial Plumbing Lamps Cafe Bar Restaurant Creative Chandelier and other unique designs to enhance your home and place your own stamp on your domain.

Candlelight is another favourite when creating an atmosphere, and there are a multitude of great ideas that spring to mind from dinner parties to romantic soirees and bathroom spas. Some of the most beautiful candles can be sourced from where they are free from any kind of pollutants and yet full of stunning aromas in various colours and catering to every taste.

Have a look at if you want to invest in some stunning pieces that will see you through as a once in a life time buy. Original outside the box vintage designs with recycled metals and retro-futuristic sculptures.    If it is uniqueness you are looking for, you have reached Nirvana.

Last but not least is another superb place to shop, and has a variety to choose from, including some great Tiffany lights – not the real thing of course, but this reflects in the price, and you will want to look around its selection of lighting products which will give you some great ideas and help you select the atmosphere to die for. Not literally of course, unless you are planning a murder mystery night, and you can also achieve that – as it is all in the lighting.

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