Are you ‘brow beaten’ by the various advertisements heralding the arrival of a new miracle mascara or lipstick.  Are you sticking to your tried and tested brands and shades.

Here are a few ideas to gently coax you out of your comfort zone, and give you the lift you deserve to overcome those Winter blues.

If indeed blue has always been your eye shadow colour, then you are well on trend, as the no makeup look is definitely over, and electric blue is back with a capital B.   Kiko Milano are doing a great High Pigment Range of shadows in vibrant colours, so check out their website with some equally amazing seasonal offers.

O.M.G. WOW eye mascara from Bobbi Brown at £23, really is an incredible buy if your budget will stretch that far.  Think of it as an investment as big lashes are also in this Spring and you won’t have to repeat buy as with other mascaras for quite a while.

Lips are red and luscious this season, and ‘Lady Danger’ at Mac is a gorgeous vibrant ‘to die for’ shade, coming in at £15.50.

Check those brows, and look out for the new bars that are springing up everywhere, we found some set up in Super Drug for the threaded brow and you can either drop in or book in advance.

WUNDERBROW UK is an incredible discovery at £19.99 and will allow you to easily define your brows which will give you the confidence you need, as it appears natural and is also long lasting.

Clarins 3-dot liner is back and has been perfected, and is great for precision.   The price is £21 and it is worth every penny as it will not need replacing for a very long time.

L’oreal True Match foundation at £9.99 is a find, and as well as being relatively inexpensive is a sturdy and reliable base to match your skin tone.

Nails are French and polished, a look that is eternally elegant and adaptable, and you can always add colours to the tips, painted patterns and emblems to spice up the look.

If we have given you some inspiration and helped you to look at your makeup regime, then why not go the extra mile and get yourself down to one of the beauty outlets who will spend time with you to perfect your beauty regime.

Facebar in Shoreditch for instance, offer a complete makeover for as little as £20 which will be masterminded by one of their trained makeup artists, where you will get an honest assessment of suitable blends and colours for your skin and personality.

Some of the major Department Stores throughout the country are offering makeup sessions with their various brands, if London is not an option or if you are attached to a brand, and will be a worthwhile exercise to re-inspire you as making up is really not that hard to do.

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