Forget the eighties with the likes of Joan Collins in Dynasty and the huge shoulder line – but the power suit is back this Autumn in all its glory.


We are just letting you know ahead of time so that you can plan that elegant ‘must have’, even as you are soaking up the sun on your lounger. It is always good to be ahead of the game.

This time though you will find you will be showing off your waistline, so get those sit ups in to prepare for your own grand entrance this Autumn.

Slim line suits and trim waistlines take over from sloppy joe outsize and don’t forget to add a nice handbag to confirm the trend.


For the evening though, in fact any time after 6pm, dressing up is essential if you are a follower of fashion. So put away the track suits and big sweats, in favour of evening lounge suits and cool dresses.

Rihanna has bucked the Urban trend and lead the way to recreate ‘dressing up and going out’ by donning her designer boots a la Saint Laurent, and the entire fashion industry has taken heed of this icon’s salute to untainted glamour.

Saint Laurent

Here are some of our favourite work suit fashions



Very at £28.00


jacket womens

Simply Be £24.00-£35.00



Matalan at only £18.00


woman jacket

John lewis at £89.00

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