Historic club renames as Caravan and Motorhome Club to inspire new generations to adventure 

The Caravan Club today becomes the Caravan and Motorhome Club to inspire new generations to experience the adventure of travel in the great outdoors.



The 110 year old membership organisation represents more than one million caravanners, motorhomers and trailer tent owners across the UK. Members have access to a network of caravan and motorhome sites and tours around the world.

Grenville Chamberlain, chairman of the newly renamed Caravan and Motorhome Club announced the news at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show in Birmingham today saying: “This is an exciting and historic moment for our Club. While the heart of our community remains the same, our new name reflects how our membership has changed and grown. We will focus on developing pioneering new ideas and services which share our expertise, inspire and welcome everyone to the freedom of exploring and enjoying adventures in the great outdoors. That’s why we are also upgrading facilities across our entire site network including wifi on every single site by the end of this year and expanding our worldwide travel options.”

Harvey Alexander Caravan and Motorhome Club director of marketing confirmed: “Our community has been passionately sharing its collective knowledge of touring holidays for 110 years and we want everyone who loves the outdoors to feel welcome to join our community. Our million members are as varied as the landscapes we explore – from early risers to star gazers, walkers, wild swimmers and surfers to families or groups of friends reconnecting together away from the confines of home and work. We already offer service and facilities for whichever way our members chose to travel by caravan, motorhome or trailer tent and our new name reflects the fact that four out of ten new members are now motorhome owners. We know that members’ outfits, hobbies and interests are becoming more varied so we will be working doubly hard to reflect, support and highlight those opportunities and to open people’s eyes to the possibilities of the adventures available by caravan and motorhome.”

The announcement of the new name for the Caravan and Motorhome Club was celebrated with the launch of a report which revealed predictions that more than 16 million caravan, motorhome and camping trips will be made next year – the highest since 2006.

In the next five years the number of trips taken will increase by 400,000 according the Caravan and Motorhome Club Inspiring Adventure Report. The Club is also expecting the number of caravans and motorhomes in the UK to rise from 755,000 in circulation today to top more than 800,000 for the first time by 2022.

The report also identified that people are drawn to the idea of a caravan or motorhome holiday because of the freedom to do their own thing (45%), the sense of adventure (38%), the flexibility to change plans as they travel (28%), to set an itinerary to suit their timeframes (20%) to stay in really rural locations, to be close to places they love like beach or mountains and as a more affordable holiday option (19%) to get closer to nature and because they just love being outdoors and waking up to fresh air (18%). People also said a holiday by motorhome or caravan appealed because it made it easy to travel with groups of friends or camp in comfort at festivals (8%) or to follow sporting passions such as surfing, golfing and skiing (4%).

Harvey Alexander added: “Our vision is also to make our members’ experience easier so they can get on with enjoying the great outdoors and evolve to meet the needs of our members today and for future generations. Our new Caravan and Motorhome Club logo has been designed as a tribute to our original membership badge, but with intertwined letters to represent both caravan and motorhome members.”


For more information please visit www.camc.com


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