Planning a self-catering holiday this year? Let’s talk about NOVASOL – one of the best travel companies out there offering handpicked holiday homes to match your vision of a perfect holiday. In fact, they’re Europe’s largest professionally managed self-catering holiday home provider, offering over 50,000 villas, cottages and apartments across a whopping 28 different countries.

Having said that, NOVASOL come from small beginnings and have never lost the personal touch that makes each booking as precious as the last. Putting a friendly face on the rental business, they also have 60 local offices in a number of their destinations – meaning a helping hand isn’t far off if you need one.

So whether you’re looking for rustic country cottage, a charming gîte in France, or a stylish apartment close to a chic European city, their impressive range will have something to suit your taste and budget. If that sounds good to you, read on to find out why our piece of paradise this year is a villa with a private swimming pool rather than a hotel…

It’s almost summer and it’s no wonder that sun-sapped urbanites are crawling out from their offices and underground carriages to take a well-deserved break. Craving vitamin D in shedloads, even the country bumpkins among us are itching to switch their mud-caked wellies for strappy sandals! So this summer, we’re urging you to forget fighting for elbowroom on the daily commute and give yourself the luxury of space, time and privacy with a top-notch villa all to yourself (and maybe the family, if they’re well-behaved).

(Villa in Dalmatia, Croatia: £21 per person, per night – September:

Our recommendation? Check out a holiday home provider like They have a range of over 50,000 properties all over Europe, so you don’t have to share your indulgence abroad with anyone else! Everyone’s definition of luxury is different, so it’s pretty lucky their range can take you from an infinity pool in Corsica, to a château in the Loire Valley or an expansive terrace overlooking the Andalusian hills. That’s expansive not expensive, by the way – each of the properties featured on this post can be rented for less than £25 per person, per night! Total bargain.

(Villa in Benissa, Spain: £20 per person, per night – September: )

Self-catering has a new image and it’s time the humble holiday home snatched the title of luxury getaway provider back from the hotel giants. In my opinion, nothing says indulgence more than having the entire swimming pool to yourself and allowing calm waters to wash away the stresses of your usually hectic schedule. Actually, I tell a lie – things can always be made slightly more glamorous with a glass of champagne. So this year forgo the crowded hotel complex, swap the work suit for a swimsuit and make a toast to ultimate relaxation.

(Villa in Lazio, Italy: £23 per person, per night – September, £28 per person, per night – August:

For us, a truly indulgent holiday is not a clinical hotel room charged at an eye-watering £500+ per night, and it most certainly isn’t a cacophony of kiddy tantrums in the endless queue for your all-inclusive dinner. The road to a peaceful getaway is paved with good intentions, but in this case maybe we’re better off taking the less beaten path. Select a totally unique holiday home where the design and location can help you to unwind – whether that’s a chic apartment on the Côte d’Azur, or a Tuscan farmhouse amidst sprawling vineyards.

(Villa in Provence, France: £20 per person, per night – September, £37 per person, per night – July:

Feeling the urgent need to book your own holiday home getaway yet? Wave goodbye to hotel hell and head to where real luxury travel begins.

*Prices are based on maximum occupancy over a week

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