NUB TV, a new series coming to Sky TV Channel 186 on Thursdays at 9PM from 1st September.

As well as featuring the best new music videos the hosts interview their favourite UFO and paranormal experts and ask them about their musical tastes as well what they are currently up to.

Guests include the world’s leading UFO expert Nick Pope, spoon bending psychic Uri Geller, paranormal pioneer Yvette Fielding & investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell.

The show is presented by Mark Christopher Lee from the indie band The Pocket Gods and Guy Thompson from electro pop band The Boy From Space.

 Highlights include Uri Geller talking about the night John Lennon gave him an alien rock after John had a close encounter at his home at the Dakota Building in New York, as well as investigative film-maker Jeremy Corbell talking about how the US government knows the truth about UFOs and Alien contact.

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