At a time when the World seems scary, whether it is radical governments, severe terrorism or the challenge of the everyday, we are all searching for something to confirm that there is a greater plan for all of us.

We have been looking at different therapies and even religions that are working for people who are on a mission to improve their lives.

Jason Chan is a spiritual master and healer whose teachings have transformed the lives of many. He holds courses, retreats, workshops and demonstrations in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA and Thailand. He is also the author of The Radiant Warrior (Hay House 2009), Infinite Abundance (2012), and Infinite Awakening (2015). He was voted Most Inspirational Individual in 2008 by readers of Kindred Spirit Magazine, with the testimonial “Jason has quietly, with dignity and integrity, worked tirelessly to help others find inner peace and balance.”  

jason chan

For over 20 years Jason has dedicated his life to passing on the benefits of his “Infinite Arts” including rejuvenation, vitality, natural health, inner strength and spiritual growth.

“Looking at life from the highest possible view, we can see that there is a definite order in all that happens in nature and the Universe. We are part of nature and it follows that we are affected by the same patterns, cycles, flow, change and movement of the natural laws. It is from these ancient sources of wisdom that the “Infinite Arts” have drawn their unique view of life.” – Jason Chan 2000.

Home – Classic

A colleague of mine was suffering from severe back pain and difficulty with her legs, and found it difficult to leave her house to carry out her work as a business consultant. After a few sessions with Jason, she is now able to continue with her consultancy and is back to operating on all cylinders.

Another friend has been a Nichiren Daishonin Buddhist for a number of years and swears by it, if Buddhists are allowed to swear. You may have heard of the practise through Tina Turner or Boy George, as both are members of this Buddhist sect. it is based on the teachings of a 13th century monk who has been compared to Martin Luther, although centuries before his time. Their headquarters are in Japan and in the UK at Taplow Court with groups practising in every town. I visited the Headquarters in Taplow recently with a couple of colleagues, at our friend’s invitation, and was warmly greeted by the Senior Members to chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo with them at their evening prayers called gongyo.


There are a huge number of English members and centres all over Europe. It is a fast growing practise and claims that if you chant the mantra you will manifest abundance and happiness. A few years ago it was nicknamed ‘designer buddhism’ as a lot of celebrities were pursuing it and you could chant for material things. But who are we to complain it if it works, and many members have proof through their own extraordinary experiences.

We all came out of the prayer session feeling rejuvenated, but not sure whether that was down to the energy in the room or the chant itself. But I am willing to give it another go, as I have definitely felt a shift in energy and life force which can only be good.


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