As we say goodbye to another icon in the World of showbiz, we look back over the past fifty years to discover that like so many famous legendary performers, David spent his formative years in the urban streets of South London before venturing into the precarious world of popular music.

I met David Bowie myself many years ago at the National Theatre through a mutual friend and felt then that I was in the presence of a major star. Perhaps it was his eyes which were varied in colour, or his very special charisma, which ultimately led him to revolutionise pop culture as it was in the sixties with his glam rock image and ground breaking lyrics.

David Bowie was a sensitive and fiercely ultruistic artist who took no prisoners at the time when rock n roll was in a state of flux.

His death has shocked the World as his influences span generations and continents.  A message was received this morning from a space station who commented on his remarkable inspiration to astronauts and stargazers with his magical songs and insights into outer space.

I also remember David as an intelligent artist, whose passion swept across the world with his unchallenged vision and creativity.   Such a legend, and one who will remain in our hearts forever.

David left a message for all of us to look up at the sky as he will be smiling down on us from heaven.   I have no doubt that this is the case, and hope that you will join us all at to pay homage to a great man from humble beginnings, who revolutionised our society in so many ways.



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