Ruth Wilson first caught my attention as the dangerously manipulative Alice Morgan in the psychological cop series Luther with Idris Elba

and then again as she played the relentlessly seductive Alison Bailey in the much acclaimed drama series The Affair.

Ruth has also appeared in a number of high profile roles and productions ranging from Jane Eyre to Saving Mr Banks. Ruth herself admits that she is drawn to damaged complicated characters and it is evident that she is unusually comfortable in ‘outing’ her inner demons.

Ruth Wilson is already a legend, which is evident as she performs one of the most sought after female leading roles at the National Theatre, Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen.

The play was written in 1891 by Ibsen and tells the story of a woman’s quest to sacrifice the lives of three men to achieve her ultimate goal.   A modern day Lady Macbeth, with all of the facets of her character unravelled against a backdrop of emotion and ultimate tragedy.

Ruth digs deep to reveal the harsh reality of her unscrupulous world in her portrayal of the character, and brings a myriad of emotions so rarely experienced in theatre today.

All reviews have been magnificent with ‘performance of the year’ from The Telegraph and the Guardian saying ‘I have never seen an actor make so convincing the character’s toxic aestheticism’.

If you cannot make it to the National Theatre, then you will have the opportunity to see a live performance on the 9 March as it is transmitted at 650 cinemas across the UK.


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