We recently met the inspirational Anastasia Hatzivasilou who has mentored both World famous celebrities and people who have been recommended ‘word of mouth’ to experience her enigmatic healing powers and systematic solutions, and felt we should in turn introduce Anastasia to you. Anastasia has the rare ability to be both sensitive, charismatic and powerful, with full conviction in her life work, to heal people’s lives. Perhaps the timing is right for you to make a change.

“The design of the human brain is more like a cosmos than an island. An individual neurone can achieve absolutely nothing alone. When that individual neurone works in concert with other neurones, putting humans on the moon becomes possible.

For better or worse we learn through our interaction with other humans. When we learn to communicate in the language of humanism we create high quality, stable neural connections that allow our brains to flourish. We put ourselves on the moon in our own small way.

The difference that this can make to our lives and the lives of those around us is enormous. Humanism allows us to maintain a deep sense of inner calm in the face of some of life’s great challenges. Good judgement and rational behaviour come from a calm mind, so I consider the pursuit of a calm mind fantastically worthwhile. Neil Armstrong’s slow, calm pulse was legendary within NASA. Without it he would never have been selected to be the very first man on the moon. “ – Anastasia Hatzivasilou.

S.A.M ~ SuperAbleMind ~ was created in November 2013 on the back of three decades of study and research into various areas of mind and brain development; Psychology, Anthropology, Zen, Buddhism, Sufism, Mindfulness, Quantum Science, Neuropsychology, Neurobiology, Neuroplasticity, Neurogenesis and Epigenetics.

It is supported by five years of clinical practice with clients of all ages and backgrounds, with people who had the desire to self-improve. Whilst not an exhaustive list, the primary human conditions embraced by the practice include- stress, depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, anorexia, bulimia, self-harm, addiction, academic performance, low self-esteem, neurological pathologies and infertility stress.

You may ask; how can one method- one approach-address so many human conditions?

Neuroplasticity references the ability of the brain to learn and un-learn; to change and to adapt to accommodate the environment. ‘Neuro’ references our brain cells and the ‘plasticity’ part refers to the ability that our brain cells-our learning cells- have to be flexible and adaptive to our changing circumstances. This could represent a divorce or loss, or a human condition like depression or anxiety that we learn and ‘become’ in response to something in the environment. In fact, we may say that anxiety or stress is a coping mechanism or pattern of the brain that is learned in response to an environmental condition. What we focus upon most of the time we ‘learn, reinforce and become’. It tells us that something is not working well and gives us both que and clue that something needs changing or learning.

Back in 2013, Anastasia was looking to develop a way to train the mind and brain in such a way that stimulated involuntary and automatic, non-reactive thoughts and behaviours which would put the brain in a peak-learning state. Her purpose was to empower life with the ability to tame, temper and regulate emotional states that would improve cognitive and executive functioning to support enhanced creativity and better decision making. She understood that thoughts, the nature of intentions and emotions impacted our performance, impacted the way the brain worked, impacted which part of the brain was online and which part went offline. Anastasia wanted to know whether we triggered the reactionary survival brain or the most evolved part of our brain, the frontal lobes or what she often calls our ‘Baby Genius.’1

Anastasia was also very aware that emotions heavily impacted our biology and immune system, and this often put our health in jeopardy.

The S.A.M method is heavily steeped in the science of Neuroplasticity. It re-wires the brain and mind to seven behaviours, forty-three ideologies and three incantations that empower us to access a more functional, rational and creative level of mind. In essence, we become more ‘able’ learners. Neuroscience affirms it takes 65.6 days to re-wire the brain, to change a behaviour, to learn something new and for that behaviour to become the new normal.2

The method can be taught in the format of a one-to-one twelve lesson course, or in the format of a four to five-hour workshop. The content SuperAbleMind teach is the ‘S.A.M Knowledge’.

They have developed cards to lend tangibility and to help people connect with and remember the key teachings of the course. The cards comprise: 7 red cards, the key behaviours which we call calming postures of the mind; 43 blue cards, the ideologies that they use to support the behavioural principles of the red cards; and lastly 3 lavender cards which they call our Incantations.

S.A.M have also had great success working with young children and teenagers and have developed the Rainbow Knowledge specifically for this age group. The method teaches young people great coping strategies which support the development of emotional intelligence. Once learned, these strategies become skills that will be used for life.

When Anastasia recently conducted two workshops with the NHS, she chose approximately a quarter of the content that would be relevant to the needs of the thirty people who attended the course. These were individuals whose problems were primarily health issues and ‘stress’. The intention was to teach these patients better coping mechanisms to deal with the stress of their circumstances. When presenting to corporate audiences, S.A.M choose content which caters for the needs of the individuals in that working environment. They feel that the productivity of a company will be reflected in the wellness of the parts that make up the whole and in the communicative ability of each individual. When we learn to communicate along the lines of the behaviours and ideas being taught, individuals feel happier, more functional and ‘Super Able’.

The company currently comprises of Anastasia as the CEO and founder of SuperAbleMind, plus several practitioners who she has trained to teach the method. Practitioners undergo a twenty-week training period and on completion of the modules are fully qualified to teach the method. S.A.M is based in Victoria; at 25 Eccleston Yard in Central Working. Whilst they welcome people to our premises, their clients come from all over the world and the method is often taught via conference calls.

S.A.M have worked with clients in Australia, the U.S, Madrid, Switzerland, Germany, Scotland, Saudi and Lebanon. S.A.M has recently spent three months rebranding and so their website has a new look https://www.superablemind.com

GloTime.tv has recently been introduced to the wonderful Anastasia and S.A.M whose work has transformed so many lives, by the King of Introductions,  Mr Richard Selwyn-Barnett at Its Who You Know. This is evident by S.A.M’s testimonials and work ethic, and how effective their treatments have been on so many lives.

1 The Middle Pre-frontal cortex, the most recently evolved part of our brain makes up 20% of our brain. Some of the features that we have the potential to use and develop are body regulation, attuned communication, emotional balance, response flexibility, insight, empathy, fear modulation, intuition and morality. In contrast, the survival brain, which is also called the limbic or emotional or animal brain (because it one of the oldest parts) is also very good at what it does, being easily triggered and highly sensitive. When the survival brain is triggered, our ‘thinker’, our Baby Genius, goes offline.


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