We are constantly being told not to look back and to have no regrets, but during a recent life coaching session, I was urged to write a letter to the Universe outlining everything I am grateful for and has enhanced my life so far, and that as a result magical things would happen.

I was reminded of Oprah Winfrey who reportedly suffers from depression and anxiety – but her first call every morning is to give thanks for each and every part of her life and surroundings, including the simple things, and not just the yields of her wealth and fame.

So as I set about putting pen to paper, so many aspects of the past emerged, some I had buried deep in my unconscious but had popped up as a result of a random thought or memory ignited by another – the strongest being the love I had received from family and friends.  I couldn’t see the sense at the time, but trusted my mentor and as I did felt a surge of energy through my body which was quite indescribable.

Gratitude is apparently famous for evoking a high spiritual frequency as is love, and I now believe is a good place to begin, especially as we are about to start a new decade.  It is also brilliant if you want to take the next step in your life, as it will give you a strong mental platform to take a leap of faith into the future.

So where is this all leading, I was urged to seek life coaching when I had reached a crossroads as to where to put my energies, and as I had a plethora of skills all crying out to be commissioned.  But my revered coach quickly identified where I would create most value.

It was a surprise because I felt she would opt for the most practical of options and the ones that seemingly would make the most money, but instead she urged me to follow my heart and my passion, as then she insisted, I would be fulfilled and only then could I create value on all fronts.  She was right in her analysis.

It was a treasured lesson, and one that I have been putting in place for the past few months.  I have been lucky to meet someone with whom my life has resonated in terms of mentoring, and felt compelled to write about the experience to give you the opportunity to explore your own inner journey which will in turn change your life and perhaps put it back on course.

Choosing a life coach is a very personal experience, and one that only you can decide is right for you.  I can help by making suggestions but it is ultimately your call, and one that I hope will be as life changing for you as it was for me.

A couple of suggestions I can make initially are Lynne Franks, who operates from her own holistic healing centre in Somerset The Hub at No 3, where I spent a blissful three days being mentored and nurtured by Lynne and her highly practised professionals in the art of holistic healing.

This I would heartily recommend to start the new year and the new decade.  You can explore all of Lynne’s courses, and do not be afraid of group sessions as they are gentle and nurturing, but you could also book her for a one on one coaching which is transformational.

If you would like to venture further afield, you could try one of Jason Chan’s healing centres in Thailand.  Jason is famous for releasing stubborn spiritual blockages, and I highly recommend him to change deeply embedded karmic energies. Jason also visits many countries where you can visit him including the UK.

Happy 2020 everybody, and huge thanks for being part of our spiritual journey and for all of the love you have shown us.   Let’s make 2020 and beyond a decade to remember for the good in every way possible!

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