Why didn’t I think of this, and patent it!  For years I have been struggling with backless bras and strapless bras and then when ‘revealing the straps’ came in, I thought, problem solved.

Now of course we have the rather revolutionary backless and strapless bra, fully padded and with reliable adhesive to cling to your skin.  Like all brilliant ideas, it is simple but the answer to a maiden’s prayer, or should I say, that of a rather full on, middle aged, life juggling Mumpreneur like myself.  (A rather flattering rendition recently awarded!).

It really does go with everything, T-shirts and tops for the day, and evening wear of course, and creates the illusion of fabulous jugs, which we all aspire to.


If you are more of a traditionalist then it is still good to be properly fitted, and many of the John Lewis stores still do a rather comforting and confidential bra fitting service.   They cater for maternity, post op and bog standard, and their prices are still ‘never knowingly undersold’. See John Lewis lingerie

A few years ago I was greeted by a rather lovely elderly assistant who had an immaculate appearance as she had been trained in the old fashioned way, and as she measured me reassured me that to ‘keep my man’ this was the way to go, adding the reason for divorces these days was that women had lost ‘that little secret’ of beautiful underwear.  I didn’t like to disillusion her having been recently separated, so agreed wholeheartedly.  But I did buy a stunning set of bra and panties, which set me back a hundred or so quid, but I still have and wear to this day.

In spite of their recently iffy PR, M & S still have some fantastic lines in lingerie, and you really can’t go wrong with their expertise in the underwear department, and their range is still good. Book a fitting online, and there is no pressure to buy, but you will probably find a bra you like as the choice and prices are good.

M&S Lingerie Sets


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