We begin every new year with good intentions, and some of us see them through and others waver as the year or even January kicks in.  Well don’t beat yourselves up because we are human after all, and with the pressures of everyday life, other priorities take over.

The most common goal after Christmas in the Western World is to lose weight, and that has become a constant challenge with growing obesity and ill health as a result.

As someone who has tried most diets, both successfully and unsuccessfully, I feel qualified to give some sound advice based upon a great deal of experience.

Top of my list for instant weight loss is Slimming World www.slimmingworld.co.uk, which is definitely the diet I could maintain, as the portions are still substantial and ‘snacking’ is allowed, which we need to sustain our energy and sugar level, if our days are busy, either at work or at home with the family.

With this diet, you never go hungry and it is affordable at only £5 per week, with an introductory free offer online in January.  It is based upon a low fat intake, and this does not mean you have to deprive yourself of the very basic foods that you love like fries and yoghurt, these can be modified and combined with other foods which can also include a variety of carbs like pasta and potatoes.   So a win win for every palate, and comes with some great recipes.


If you want to dig a bit deeper, you could look at a nutritionist, and I know I have spoken about her before, but Gudrun Jonsson www.gudrunjonsson.com is definitely life changing in her approach, and has saved my life on many occasions.

Gudrun believes that a ‘healthy gut equals a happy healthy life’, and since I was introduced to her by a friend, I have lost two stone in weight in just over 14 months, and look ten years younger.

Gudrun is also nutritionist to the stars and the rich and famous, although it took me a while to fathom that, as she is extremely confidential and compassionate.  She is also very reasonable and will not cost you an arm and a leg, although you will see improvement in both areas almost immediately, as well as the rest of the body!

Here is a little more about Gudrun and her treatments taken from her website:

Gudrun Jonsson believes that if you can understand your digestive system, you can and will leap towards health.   In fact, she believes everything changes and moves, and therefore we can reverse symptomatic issues.  Her unique philosophy focuses on a combination of the traditional healing arts from the subcontinent, biopathic treatments, and the latest advances in scientific health, ageing and wellness. 

Based in London and Morroco, Gudrun visits and receives clients worldwide and enjoys both learning and teaching. Before establishing her practice in London, Swedish-born Gudrun trained and qualified as a biopath at the Institut for Biologisk Medicin in Copenhagen. Gudrun has written two bestselling books – ‘Gut Reaction’ and ‘The Gut Reaction Eating Plan’ – and has made numerous television appearances. Her success has earned her the respect of complementary and medical practitioners alike, and a devoted following among her many clients. 

Drawing upon her extensive knowledge of the healing properties of plants and foods, Gudrun’s treatments lead her clients to have a more alkaline and balanced digestive function that impacts on their overall health and wellbeing. Her treatment also includes plant-based serums, oils and balms that can heal skin conditions ranging from acne to psoriasis and can balance acidic constitutions and heal inflammation. 

The one thing I would say about Gudrun is, she does not take any prisoners, and you have to be ready to take on her remedies and advice, but if you are serious about a life change, then just feel the fear and do it anyway.


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