The Edinburgh Fringe has grown in stature beyond recognition since I used to hang out there as a jobbing Actor back in the day.  It was a place to see new writers, converse with the like-minded and indeed revel in the party festivities of which there were many.

One friend I had spent time with on my first evening at one of the festival parties, saw me the following day commenting on how long it had been – years in fact since he had seen me.  Temporary memory loss from the inevitable drinking spree that was a given in those days.  We still comment on that hilarious exchange when we see each other!

The Edinburgh Festival today is far more respectable and widely attended from visitors from all over the Globe.    It still showcases new writers and shows, but is far more contained and deftly organised than in the past heady days of raw experimental theatre.

There is however a positive side to every evolution, and The Edinburgh Fringe is no exception.  Rather than rubbing shoulders with young hopefuls and drama students, if you are thinking of attending, you will be in the company of the rich and famous as well as curious corporates and the numerous visitors who want to experience new plays and entertainment.   Plus there are thousands of new shows and performances to see.

Edinburgh itself is also a joy to visit, and you will find something that will appeal to every taste, from the extraordinary architecture and surrounding landmarks like Arthur’s Seat which towers over the City, to the fabulous restaurants and bars.

There is still time to attend this year if you hurry, or you could really plan ahead and book accommodation for next year.

If you are still baffled by the concept of the Edinburgh Fringe but want to experience it for yourself, head over to their website and start with the ‘Fringe Inspiration Machine’ to see whats to see and to be ,well, inspired….

check out all the latest info on the EdFringe website.

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