As I give another major shout out for the “Hub at no3” recently opened by the wonderful Lynne Franks in Somerset, I must to introduce you to Saskia Marjoram, another force of nature, who administers Flower Remedies.

Up until then I only knew about Rescue Remedy – that I took in abundance when under stress or in hiding from mankind.

But after a rather apprehensive start, I was persuaded by Lynne to book a session in Flower Remedy Healing and I was soon won over by Saskia’s utter belief in the power of her flower essences and knowledge of how to administer them.

Saskia arrived with all of her essences in a box, a bit like Mary Poppins, and as she brought them out, they seemed to hold a magic of their own, and as she described, their very own personality.

Saskia evokes your own choice of flowers by a method she has developed over years, and told me that whatever my choice, it will be relevant to my lifestyle.

I chose the flowers relating to fun and enjoyment, both of which I had shied away from in recent months for a variety of reasons, so this did not surprise me.  She then made me my very own mixture of the essences I had selected.

It was a joy to be given my very own potion made for me by Saskia in hub@no3 – and I have just finished my first bottle after several weeks.

Did it work, have I had more fun?  I don’t really have to stop and think, as when you participate in magic – amazing things happen – and they are all full of fun fun fun.

I would recommend a visit to “hub at no3” if you have a free weekend or few days, but if not Saskia can do Flower Remedy healing on Skype or Facetime.

Saskia has been working with flowers her entire life. As a professional gardener for more than 30 years, and florist to HRH Prince of Wales, she started making flower essences in 2003 with her friend and business partner Christine Felce.

She goes on to say that she is ‘continually fascinated by how plants and humans interact.  My deep love, friendship and knowledge of the flowers has continued to grow as I discover just how powerfully their energy affects, and interacts, with us.

Flower essences contain the vibrational energy of the plant they came from, this energy is held as a memory in water. Taking this vibration into yourself reminds your own personal energy how to be, helping unlearn held patterns, bringing awareness to problems (and solutions) and rebalancing your whole being.

My essences are made in the same way as the Bach Flower Remedies and are usually taken as drops under the tongue. They do not smell.

Flower essences work deeply bringing positive and effective change to our lives. They act as catalysts, bringing awareness and shifting patterns so that you can take responsibility for your own healing in a safe, natural and simple way.


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