Live Aid

Once again as we go deeper into isolation, major orchestras and bands all over the world perform virtual concerts to remind us again how powerful, healing and emotive music really is.

LIVE AID was the brainchild of Sir Bob Geldoff and was testament to the power of music as it raised millions for the starving in Africa, and allowed global bands and rock stars to reveal their humanity as they performed relentlessly on that magical day at Wembley Stadium in 1985.

Live Aid

‘If music be the food of love’ wrote Shakespeare’, and we know that to be true, as love is the most powerful emotion ever known to man and music is its life blood.

As we turn to alternative medicines, it has been discovered that music therapy is one of the greatest healing agents, with both mental disorders and physical ailments.

Music has literally brought humans back from the abyss, and has the power to heal the mind and lift the soul, especially as the earth is based on vibration and sound.

Perhaps now is the time to take out your favourite collection of CDs or download the tunes that stimulate and excite you the most, and get back to the times when you hit the dance floor and boogied the night away.

Whats in your collection?

We saw a lovely video last night of those overworked dedicated NHS workers dancing together to their favourite tracks, and taking a moment away from the trauma of their days treating the victims of those with Covid-19.

Let us utilise these times in isolation and get back to enjoying our youth or just take the time to listen again to some of the sounds that take us to places we had long forgotten.

Rockdown Lockdown Online Concert

I am still convinced that this Pandemic is here to teach us how to live and love again, and after lockdown we will have hopefully learned some lessons of how to prioritise our lives and get out of the fast lane.

Classical Lockdown Concert

After all, music is the heartbeat of the Galaxy and sounds will spin off into space and reach the souls of those who are out there to appreciate it.    The virtual stage awaits us all, and we are all so lucky to be able to enjoy it.

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