We hear sighs from the middle aged to the elderly bemoaning their woes with Social Media, the youth of today, how values have changed.

Every generation has been condemned by their elders, from the revelry of the Rolling Stones to the depravity of the punk era.

As I was about to jump on the band wagon of groaners and seriously turn into my Grandmother, I decided to find a positive in today’s attitudes and if you look hard enough you can find it.

I remember seeing an episode of Mad Men where an elderly secretary died at her desk, and as the Advertising moguls were trying to impress a potential client, they hid the fact and practically carried her out in a bag to disguise the mortality on their premises, as if somehow it tarnished their glittering reputation.

Nowadays of course, everyone would get involved, in trying to revive her, in contacting her relatives, and it would be on social media within seconds, with the Agency would being commended upon their lack of ageism in employment.

Similarly with scars, both inside and out, and particularly the latter.  Years ago a top model ‘It’ girl told me that if you had a slight blemish or mole on your face you would be banned from the catwalk, and never be employed as a model or appear in a fashion magazine.  Scars were taboo.

In recent years however, scars have been celebrated more and more, with acid attack victims on the catwalk, as well as survivors from Breast Cancer revealing their scars instead of hiding them away.

In the recent Royal Wedding, Princess Eugenie celebrated her own special day choosing to wear a wedding dress that showed her scar, saying she hoped it would honour those who had helped her and inspire others with the condition of scoliosis.

Similarly, catwalk icon and Victoria’s Secret Angel, Martha Hunt required her spine realigned as a teenager, and she is proud to reveal the scoliosis scars of her operation as she says it confirms her strength.

As the years progress, the World as we know it changes beyond recognition, and sometimes not to our liking.  It is too easy to criticise and see doom and gloom – but if we look hard enough we can always find something beautiful in the darkness, and the celebration of scars really makes it all worthwhile and in fact binds us all together.

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