Do you believe that living a life of abundance, joy and fulfilment is everyone’s birthright? There is an art to abundance that you can learn, or rather, become. It isn’t about empty affirmations that you don’t really believe, but about being abundance – because your life is a reflection of your inner world. If your heart and mind are at peace and in joy and love, then your life will be filled with people and situations that bring those same qualities….

So how does this happen? Here I share with you in 7 steps, the art of living in abundance – drawn from over 30 years’ experience as a spiritual teacher, healer and energy practitioner:


  1. Your gifts and talents.

Each of us has something unique to offer, through which we can express our core being. You can never be anyone other than yourself, so to manifest your dreams, know your innate strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Heart over mind.

Train your mind to serve your heart. Make all life choices from love, not fear.
Follow your passion, and true abundance will flow naturally to you.


  1. Empowering the intention.

Bring a mindful awareness and energy to what you are doing to achieve your goals and dreams. Whatever you truly seek, you will find.

  1. Letting go of valueless.

The project you are working on must bring beauty and sunshine.
Now please ask yourself, at every turn, does this bring peace and joy? Whatever you do,
is an extension of your essence.


  1. Change your life script.

Consciously change your negative thought programming, and your life will begin anew.
Remember that you get what you are, not what you want.

  1. Perfect balance in life.

When we respect ourselves, we respect life, because we are a manifestation of Life.
We understand that to bring our lives into balance is an act of love.


  1. Love the life you live.

Love whatever you do, even the most mundane of tasks. Love your life even
when it is not easy.
What if everything that happens in life, happens for you, and not to you?
Deep inside you, you have the capacity to transcend all known difficulties.
In times of utmost challenge, still know that life loves you.


Revisit your dreams and goals on a regular basis. They need nurturing with love, and need energy to grow and manifest. Sit in meditation and see and feel your dream unfolding, and surround it with the empowering energy from your heart, that we call love.


Every day, continue to keep your body radiant and your mind bright. Eventually, this practice becomes part of your life. This is the Art of Abundant Living.

Jason Chan

[wpdevart_youtube]gDYrvzJbYrc[/wpdevart_youtube] would like to thank Jason for his words of wisdom.


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