As most of us ladies at Glotime are familiar with diets, whether it be Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Atkins or another form of weight loss, we are excited to discover an inspirational idea which is now becoming a truly successful business, ‘The Skinny Box’.

Mother and daughter, Dee and Holly Richards were the inspiration for this fabulously innovative startup business venture, when daughter Holly who has lost 6.5 stone since February last year after the birth of her second son Elliot.

Dee and Holly were living in France when they started her journey and had often thought of business ideas to fit in with their Slimming World lifestyle, so was always pondering with ideas.  But it actually fits in with a variety of diets.

After returning to the UK to live in April of this year, they both went on a Spa break where they had to stay overnight and so took some treats with them as there was nothing on offer to keep them on plan…that was when they had a lightbulb moment and ‘The Skinny Survival Box’ was born!

It’s a box that fits in most average size letterboxes (also fits with the ‘Skinny Box’ name) of low calorie treats for you to incorporate with your Slimming World plan or any other weight loss programme, to enable you to stay on plan during your weight loss journey.

They currently have ‘The Super Skinny Box’ with approximately 16-18 goodies including herbal teas/ skinny coffee etc., which is enough to last a few days.

They are priced at £11.99 plus postage and the Skinny Mini box with approx. 8-9 goodies for £6.99 plus postage…and they have just launched the 7 day Skinny Survival bags, these are 7 individual bags with 15 syns of treats for you to enjoy each day for 1 week for £25 including postage and packaging in UK.  They are amazing for holidays or working away from home or if you have a very busy lifestyle…so no excuse to not stay on plan! They also include the syn value on each item.

They are packaged beautifully with tissue and raffia ribbon as Dee and Holly also love fabulous packaging and presentation!
They supply an array of goodies with many premium companies products included, such as Green&Blacks~ We love snacks 2~ Munchy seeds~Conscious chocolate ~ Peckwitts Gluten Free~ Pulsin~ Graze ~ Kallo~ Eat Well~ Kettle~ Proper Corn~ Twinings Tea~ Pukka~ Coffee Beanies and many, many others ..They also supply Vegan ~ dairy free~ Gluten Free

They are on social media with a multitude of followers, and at the moment this is how people order, by direct message and then via PayPal or bank transfer, as they are currently building their website. They have huge number of loyal regular customers who purchase weekly, fortnightly or have a monthly subscription.

We are all putting in our order now!


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