Turmeric is most definitely flavour of the month, appearing in everything from face creams to ice creams, but we recently came across a really lovely way to take turmeric which is not only delicious but ensures your body is fully able to absorb the turmeric

An “easy option” to take turmeric in capsules which are now very readily available however, there are quite a few drawbacks to this.

  1. Most capsules are made from predominantly one compound (curcumin) and so you miss out on the other 299 compounds found in the whole root!
  2. Turmeric is fat soluble so you have to take it with fat for it to be absorbed into your gut (hence many supplements just pass straight through you).
  3. Turmeric also needs to be buddied up with pepper for it to be fully absorbed (research has shown it increases absorption by 2000%).
  4. And finally you need heat as that makes the curcumin more soluble and so more easily absorbed into the body

With all this in mind, we were delighted to come across Turmerlicious turmeric lattes  –  a delicious blend of coconut (a great fat), turmeric, ginger, cinnamon with that all important hint of black pepper. To make the drink you simply add boiling water (heat) to 3 teaspoons of the blend and stir. This combination ensures your body is able to fully absorb, and so benefit from the turmeric.

The beauty of Turmerlicious is that it is not only super healthy, so easy to make and maximises the absorption of turmeric, it is also vegan, dairy free, uses no refined sugar and is caffeine free (apart from a small amount of caffeine in the chocolate versions) so perfect as a bed time drink!

There are four delicious natural flavours to choose from vanilla, ginger, choco and chilli choc, which all of contain approx 1.5 grams of whole turmeric root powder:-

As Turmerlicious have offered all Glotime TV members a warming 20% off, you can treat yourselves to a delicious and healthy alternative to tea, coffee or hot chocolate which ensures you get a good daily dose of turmeric. Just use coupon code GlotimeTV18 when you buy from their website www.turmerlicious.com (valid until December 8th)

Plus Turmerlicious is now available from Ocado!

Check out the full range of Turmerlicious at www.turmerlicious.com
Or call 01252 716859
Or email maggie@turmerlicious.com

We know you will love these drinks as much as we do.



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