This superb highly captivating musical is more than the chronicle of a rock star.  As we are familiarised with the life of Tina Turner (born in Tennessee, Anna Mae Bullock) from her humble beginnings to her rise to fame, we are reminded of how she overcame obstacles of race, gender and abuse.

This incredible performer who seemed always to be ‘living the dream’, was in fact living a nightmare.   She was beaten both physically and mentally, with even her own Mother turning against her in her final hours, siding with the abuser who had convinced her he had changed.

The story is the most compelling portrayal of a woman who chooses to fight back, having seemingly lost everything.  Her husband had even stolen the copyright to her songs.  But with her dignity and integrity intact, and the support of a few friends and believers, sets to put the record straight, and returns to ‘centre stage’ with the victory of a lifetime.

Tina not only regains her legendary music career, but meets the love of her life, and succeeds in remaining one of the most revered female inspirations of our time.

The Musical has been several years in development, with Tina Turner herself attending the workshops in 2016 and subsequently has been involved in its progress.  She has a particular affection for the UK, who she feels never lost belief in her, and supported her when she returned to the stage as a rock star in her 40s.

“It’s really important to me to have the chance to share my full story. This musical is not about my stardom. It is about the journey I took to get there. Each night I want audiences to take away from the theatre that you can turn poison into medicine.” — TINA TURNER

The show is now at the Aldwych Theatre

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Tina Turner the Musical website –

Highly recommended, as it is ‘Simply the Best’.

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