Tearing ourselves or our loved ones away from our iphone or computer games has become quite a challenge in recent years and so how about taking the demon by its horns and revisiting one of our most famous writers of all time, the old Bard himself, William Shakespeare.

Love him or hate, we have a responsibility to this great heritage and owe it to ourselves and our kids and grandkids to preserve this centuries old legacy by just keeping the tradition alive.

We could certainly begin with Midsummer Night’s Dream, which is full of colour and dream like images of fairies, forests and fantasies. A great book to share with your family, and the more palatable of Shakespeare’s plays if you are starting at the beginning.

How many times have you been in a social gathering or dinner party where the guests are randomly quoting Shakespeare, leaving you searching your memory bank of old school classes or performances. Why not familiarize yourself with the iconic quotes so that you can shock and amaze your circle of friends and family with your cultural knowledge of one of the most accomplished writers of all time.

It certainly gave me a sense of satisfaction recently when I decided to embark on a self learning course of English Literature, as I had been left shamefaced and silent at a recent gathering of well read friends at an old school reunion.

The Shakespeare Book is the perfect reintroduction to the works of William Shakespeare, packed with witty illustrations and inspirational quotes. Available from Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Shakespeare-Book-Big-Ideas/dp/0241182611 for under £15


This fabulous book covers every work, from the comedies of Twelfth Night and As You Like It to the tragedies of Julius Caesar and Hamlet, plus lost plays and less well-known works of poetry.

It also contains brilliantly simple graphics and illustrations bringing the themes, plots, characters and language of Shakespeare to life.

It also has detailed plot summaries and an in-depth analysis of the major characters and themes, which is a brilliant, innovative exploration of the entire canon of Shakespeare plays, sonnets and poetry.

So it will enable you to gently enter the world of William Shakespeare and get to grips with its language whilst embracing the characters, and wonderful imagery.

I would also encourage anyone to add this wonderful book to your collection, even if it is to dip in and out from time to time or pass it down to your offspring.

It can also be a reference book if your kids are studying for their exams or for you to refer to even for pub quizzes or general knowledge exercises.

It is one I would thoroughly recommend, and although you can get it on Kindle, would urge you to buy the hard copy as this is one you will want to be part of your own legacy for years to come.


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