Happy New Year to all of you lovely Glotime.tv followers – it is going to be a great year! How do I know? Because we are going to make it happen and ensure that we improve our approach and increase our chances of happiness beyond our new year’s resolutions.

I would like to begin by telling you about my own experiences over the years and how I came to become a successful life coach. You will be relieved to learn that I am not one of those ultra-confident, super poised life coaches. I also had a less than perfect approach to life, prone to negativity and occasional depression. But it was the support of a very good friend and the professional help of an incredible therapist who turned my life around. Both parties would say that I did this myself, as you have to be ready to make changes and it is a challenging process. But taking yourself out of your comfort zone is also rewarding, and I want to make sure you give it your best shot.


The first step is to identify the things you want to change. As soon as you write them down you are on the road to achieving your goals. A life coach friend who has been awarded an OBE for mentoring women in the workplace has experienced that the women who have a five year plan written down on paper have the most success, and nine times out of ten achieve all of them.

It may be you want to change career, lose weight, start your own business. Whatever your goals, write them down in a note book that is accessible to you and read them every day. When I began my process of life changes, I bought a beautiful note book from Paperchase http://www.paperchase.co.uk/stationery/notebooks with a colourful cover which I felt was the first step in taking charge of my life. It signified that I felt my life was worthy of an initial statement of quality and colour. It is the little things that signify your ability to change.


In a recent case of one of my clients, her ambition was to improve her life and finances as she was constantly struggling to pay the bills.

She had been doing a series of demoralising temp jobs which had diminished her confidence and left her feeling worthless and without ambition.

Within a month of writing down her life plan, she was offered a job in recruitment which completely transformed her life and she is now running her own recruitment franchise. Her money worries are also a distant memory.

It may seem like a small step to achieve such high ambitions, but small steps lead to big results, and if you stick with it, you can succeed in turning your life around.

I would like to help you to change your life for the better, and I look forward to taking you to the next stage. Watch this space and together we can achieve your goals.





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