Ann Snapes has been an avid follower of fashion for a number of years, and has an extremely stylish wardrobe of stunning designer clothes, shoes and handbags.  Ann is now bringing her passion centre stage, and has set up a unique designer outlet DressXchange, to lend her experience to all women who are in need of a fashion ‘makeover’ or looking to buy and sell their clothes on a regular basis.

DressXchange is an excellent concept where women can experiment in the art of ‘dressing up’ with Ann’s diverse collection of ‘preloved’ fashion items, sourced from women, who similar to Ann, like to update and recycle their designer wardrobe regularly, and share Ann’s passion for fashion. You can also sell your clothes through Ann’s company, which facilitates an online ‘shop window’ to buy and sell fashion items at the press of a button.

I visited Ann at one of her pop-ups in Beaconsfield and browsed the vast variety of designer labels and items from ball gowns to handbags and jewellery, and she then visited me in my office at Pinewood Studios.

Ann has created a service where you can send her your products to sell and then she will evaluate them and give you an idea of what cost she believes they should be marketed at. The concierge service is that she will have your items professionally photographed and then put onto her website this is all free of charge. When your items sell she will then give you a percentage of the sale.

Ann can be reached at and you can also browse her website as it is being constantly updated.


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