The famous bi-line ‘A dog is not just for Christmas’ has caught on big time across the Nation as more and more dogs and cats are found abandoned or worse by ruthless owners, who could not cope with the responsibility that comes with owning a furry friend.

It seems astonishing as we are a notoriously devoted nation of animal lovers, but statistics show this to be the case, and so we must heed its findings.cat_and_dog11

Dogs more than cats need more day to day care hands on attention, as the latter are definitely more independent and less of a issue if you want to go on holiday or are working away from home.

But if dogs are your preference, do not despair as more and more doggie day centres are springing up all over the country. A recent friend who was recently divorced has started a doggie day care in her own home in Enfield. She takes in several dogs every day while their owners are at work, and walks, loves and feeds them so that they don’t become lonely or feel abandoned. This has worked well for her as she can also work around school hours for her two sons as well as running a successful pet pamper centre, which has now developed over time. So you could investigate a similar set up in your area, and you will be surprised what you will find.

If you are thinking about owning a dog or cat and are mindful of its consequence, then check out the local vet and animal insurance options as veterinary bills can be expensive if you are not part of a scheme. But you can ensure you are covered from a little contribution each month, so put this in place at the outset of owning a pet.vets-and-pets

Then if you have kids, do your research on the type of dog or cat that is child friendly, and make sure that your offspring are aware of the kindness needed to keep both them and the animals safe.

Prepare for the attention your pet will need and make all the necessary adjustments to your home to protect yourself and the animal.   Similar to the measures required when readjusting your home for a young child.

Just a little tip for new dog and cat owners, get some well fitting covers for your soft furnishings, because it is distressing to see your favourite furniture destroyed by furry paws or claws. There are also some very good sprays around now as a deterrent, but making your own is also good as you know there are no dangerous ingredients for you and your family’s wellbeing.

Mix two of spoonfulls of Rosemary, Cinnamon and Lavender and allow to ferment overnight, then add one cup of Cider Vinegar and spray onto areas of furniture you want protected. Cats are the big offenders with their sharpening of claws, and so there are some very good claw sharpening products around, check them out on You will find some great toys on there too for when you want to treat your animals.

Make sure you are au fait with training methods with litter trays, which you again have to keep locked away from young children, and ensure that your garden is secure if you have one, and all the appropriate measures are in place for a cat or dog area if you are going to restrict them from areas of the house or home.

Having given you all the procedures and cautions of owning a pet, it may surprise you to learn that the elderly tend to live longer if they own a furry friend.Senior-Couple-on-Couch-with-Dog

So once you have taken heed of the realities of sharing your home with a cat or dog, and once these measures are in place, there is no reason on earth why you shouldn’t embark upon owning a pet and enjoy the joys and laughter it will bring to you and your family.

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