New Release – Jaffa Moore – Photograph

New Release – Jaffa Moore – Photograph

He’s the Godson of Frank Sinatra, and the son of the legendary James Bond actor, Roger Moore.

The name’s Moore…….Jaffa Moore

The Brand-New Album “PHOTOGRAPH” – Out Now

Featuring the Single

YOU AND I (with Naya Rivera) + Nile Rodgers

Video –

A percentage of proceeds to be donated to UNICEF

Photograph is the new album by Jaffa Moore, featuring the single You and I. Jaffa is better known as Geoffrey Moore, son of the legendary actor Roger Moore.

Geoffrey recorded the single with the late singer and actor, Naya Rivera, and the accompanying music video includes guest appearances from a host of stars including Michael Caine, Joan Collins, Liam Neeson, JJ Abrams, Piers Morgan, Graham Norton, Joanna Lumley, Stephen Fry, Natalie Dormer, Naveen Andrews, Will Poulter, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Paris Hilton plus many more all in tribute to Roger Moore.

Geoffrey first started working in the entertainment industry in 1973, when he appeared as a child actor in the film Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a musical starring Kirk Douglas and Susan George. This was followed by Sherlock Holmes In New York in 1976, working alongside his father and John Huston. In total, he has worked on 14 films, and produced Roger Moore’s final movie, The Saint.

As a musician, he secured his first record deal with EMI, working with Mike Rutherford of Genesis, and with Warner Brothers.

In 1999, he founded the successful restaurant chain, Hush of Mayfair. He appeared weekly on ITV’s morning television, and with Gordon Ramsey on his Hell’s Kitchen show.

In 2004 Geoffrey partnered with American filmmaker William J. MacDonald and together they acquired the intellectual property rights to The Saint.

In 2010 he worked alongside his brother Christian at TV7, one of the largest networks based in Eastern Europe.

In 2017 he wrote and produced And the Winner Isn’t which was shortlisted for an Academy Award.

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REVIEW: ‘Behind the Olive Trees’ – Francesca Catlow’s follow-up novel

REVIEW: ‘Behind the Olive Trees’ – Francesca Catlow’s follow-up novel

Behind the Olive Trees is the sequel to Francesca Catlow’s poignant novel, The Little Blue Door. The follows Melodie on her continuing journey with Anton and Gaia. Francesca Catlow has created her characters with an insight and perception that is unique to her. These characters are complex and multi-dimensional, reflecting the reality and truth of the human condition.

Melodie is a likeable and engaging character yet she is flawed and imperfect, qualities which enhance her warmth and relatability. Catlow juxtaposes darkness and light, creating a sense of unpredictability and, at times, a feeling of danger. Melodie’s path is not linear. We share in her joy but we also share in her fear, her pain and her uncertainty. Behind the Olive Trees is a novel with depth. Catlow allows us to become immersed in these characters and view them as friends, yet she also presents us with new and unexpected aspects to the characters which prevents the reader from becoming complacent, keeping us on edge right to the end.

Catlow’s characters give the feeling that they are an extension of ourselves. They mirror our inner journey and remind us that life is not straightforward, simple or perfect; that we are transient and continually evolving.

Behind the Olive Trees is a masterpiece in its understanding of self-discovery and the path to finding who we are. Francesca Catlow is an intelligent writer and a genius in her ability to reach out to the reader through her characters. As demonstrated in The Little Blue Door, she is a writer who clearly has a deep insight and understanding of human nature, writing with compassion and depth about a range of human experiences.

Thanks to Alex Shewan for the FAB review

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NUB TV, a new series…a mad mix of the paranormal, new music and UFOs

NUB TV, a new series…a mad mix of the paranormal, new music and UFOs

NUB TV, a new series coming to Sky TV Channel 186 on Thursdays at 9PM from 1st September.

As well as featuring the best new music videos the hosts interview their favourite UFO and paranormal experts and ask them about their musical tastes as well what they are currently up to.

Guests include the world’s leading UFO expert Nick Pope, spoon bending psychic Uri Geller, paranormal pioneer Yvette Fielding & investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell.

The show is presented by Mark Christopher Lee from the indie band The Pocket Gods and Guy Thompson from electro pop band The Boy From Space.

 Highlights include Uri Geller talking about the night John Lennon gave him an alien rock after John had a close encounter at his home at the Dakota Building in New York, as well as investigative film-maker Jeremy Corbell talking about how the US government knows the truth about UFOs and Alien contact.

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