National Nutrition and Hydration Week – Drink More Water With Us

National Nutrition and Hydration Week – Drink More Water With Us

I just wanted to let you know, it’s National Nutrition and Hydration week. Being a Personal Trainer, I have seen a huge difference in progression of people who have an awareness of what food and drink may help or hinder them. Once you get the right balance for you of what to eat, how much you need, and the times of day to eat it, you can really fly towards your goals. This week was created to remind us that nutrition and hydration are fundamental to our health and well-being. We have organised a cheeky KIN Nutrition treasure hunt, so look out for a travel pot of KIN Nutrition hidden around some of our favourite fitness studio’s this week.

Throughout January we worked with Miss Nutritionist, Rosie Millen to focus on making sure people know how much protein they need on a daily basis and why. You can refresh your memory here.

Speaking of ‘refreshments’ , a lot of people don’t realise that your body and organs need enough water to to function properly. It is recommended that you drink 2-3 litres of water every day, but if it’s sunny or you’re working out a lot, you may want to think about drinking more. The Waterlogged app is great for tracking water consumption.

When I say water, I do mean water, not fizzy or sugary drinks. If you find it hard to drink a lot of water, try adding herbs like rosemary, mint or coriander… or a squeeze of lemon. Naturally decaffeinated herbal tea is good too – add a load of ice on a hot day?.

Too much water can be bad for you too so there’s no need to go and down 3 litres of water in the next 20 mins. Maximum of 1 litre per hour should do the trick.

Happy DrinKIN!


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