Competition Time – WIN a £100 D-I-Y Gift Card

Competition Time – WIN a £100 D-I-Y Gift Card

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Now that lockdown has eased, and that more DIY outlets are open, here is an ideal time to sort out those nagging jobs around the house.

Up for grabs here thanks to our sponsors is a DIY gift card with a value of £100 to win.

The winner/s can choose which DIY outlet they want a voucher for
ie B&Q, Wickes, Homebase etc, You can even choose a local independant store too.

To be in with a chance of winning just enter below

Remember you can enter more than once, and you can get extra entries
by sharing on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Good Luck


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Home-made Ravioli with a Parmigiano Reggiano, Wild Garlic, Ricotta and Pine Nut Filling

Home-made Ravioli with a Parmigiano Reggiano, Wild Garlic, Ricotta and Pine Nut Filling

Reading Time: 7 minutes


Cooking pasta is for most people an everyday occurrence and usually entails using a packet of dry pasta and a jar of ready-made sauce. Whatever delicious dish you may be able to whip up with these labour-saving foods, how satisfying would it be though to do it from scratch, starting with the pasta dough. Quite honestly, making your own pasta is an ambitious and time-consuming project. Nevertheless, making fresh pasta with simple but good ingredients can be both an incredibly satisfying experience, albeit frustrating at times.

In this recipe, the pasta dough is not simply rolled out and cut, but filled to make ravioli. This type of pasta leaves creative freedom to an abundance of flavour combinations, both meat based and vegetarian. Here, soft and milky ricotta cheese and nutty Parmigiano Reggiano are paired with fragrant and tasty wild garlic, a popular herb to use in dips, sauces and salads. Available in spring and summer at farmer’s markets or in whole food stores, wild garlic can also be foraged for in woodlands where it grows in abundance during the springtime. However, as it can be very easily mistaken for the poisonous lily of the valley, I would recommend safety first and to opt for purchasing it from an experienced grocer.

Ravioli can be combined with a variety of pasta sauces, whether it be cream or tomato based. The proposed sauce for this pasta dish features Parmigiano Reggiano in combination with cream, white wine, sharp gorgonzola and buttery walnuts. Buon appetito!



For 3-4 portions (approx. 30 pieces à 4.5x5cm)


For the dough:

400g strong white flour

2 eggs

4 additional egg yolks (1 for gluing the dough sheets together)

1 tbsp. olive oil

1 tsp. salt


Extra flour for dusting the work surface


For the filling:

50g Parmigiano Reggiano, finely grated

50g pine nuts, lightly roasted

350g ricotta

7 large wild garlic leaves (remove the stalks)

½ tsp. lemon peel

Salt, pepper and olive oil to taste


For the sauce:

350ml single cream

150ml white wine

75g Parmigiano Reggiano, grated

50g gorgonzola dolce

60g walnuts, chopped

2 small garlic cloves, finely chopped

Salt, pepper to taste


What you’ll need:

Mixing bowl




Measuring cup

Kitchen scales

Large rolling pin

Chopping board

Large Kitchen knife


Long ruler (30cm length)

Large pot

Frying pan or casserole

Flat surface for working the dough or very large, flat chopping board and non-stick baking paper

Clean cotton kitchen towel (for covering the dough)

Small pastry brush

Slotted spoon

Pastry cutter (optional)



  1. In a mixing bowl, combine flour, eggs, extra egg yolks (spare one for gluing the dough sheets together later), olive oil, salt and water. Knead the dough well and let it rest for one hour covered with a clean and moistened cotton towel.
  2. For the filling, first roast the pine nuts in a frying pan until golden brown. Then, finely chop them as well as the wild garlic leaves. In a mixing bowl, combine grated Parmigiano Reggiano, ricotta, wild garlic, pine nuts and lemon peel. Stir well and add salt, pepper and olive oil to taste.
  3. Roll out the dough on a flat, floured surface. Use a ruler to cut out two rectangles of 30x24cm each to produce 30 top and bottom pieces of 4.5x5cm in size.
  4. Place half to three quarters of a teaspoonful of filling in the middle of each of 15 small rectangles. Take a small pastry brush, dip it in the egg yolk and brush the edges of the dough sheets with it. Then cover the filling with another dough sheet. Use your fingers to press out the air around the filling. Then take a fork and press the dough sheets together to seal them and create a nice pattern. Alternatively, use a pastry cutter to trim the edges and shape them. Place the prepared ravioli on a floured surface, again cover them with a cotton towel and let them dry slightly.
  5. Prepare a large pot with water and bring to the boil. Then add about three teaspoons of salt to it. Place several uncooked ravioli on a slotted spoon and gently place in the bubbling water. Repeat the process until all ravioli are in the pot. Let them cook for 8-10 minutes.
  6. In the meantime, prepare the sauce. In a large frying pan or casserole, combine single cream and white wine and gently heat the mixture. Add grated Parmigiano Reggiano, gorgonzola dolce and chopped garlic. Cook for a few minutes for the sauce to reduce and get thicker. Add salt and pepper to taste. Then stir in the chopped walnuts and turn off the heat.
  7. Once the ravioli are swimming on the surface, remove them from the pot by using the slotted spoon and then place them in the sauce. Carefully stir until all the pasta is covered in sauce. Serve immediately.


(Credit to: Castelli/Parmigiano for these beautiful recipes)

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Competition Time – Win a Case of Artisan Wines

Competition Time – Win a Case of Artisan Wines

Reading Time: 2 minutes


Wineswithstories is passionate about helping people to drink better wines by providing a channel where authenticity and provenance is assured above all else.
The wines we have truffled out for our customers are from small, family owned, single vineyards often from multiple generations. Hand crafted treasures, created with passion and respect for the land, using sustainable production methods.
Authentic Artisan quality wines always have stories, and we have unearthed some incredible stories which will enhance your wine experience, by painting a picture of the history and terroir in every bottle and with every sip.

Thanks to Wineswithstories you can win a case of their finest wines, just enter your details below for a chance to win.

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This in in addition to 10% off six bottles or more, or 20% off 12 bottles or more.
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Barry Blue – Songs From The Heart Book

Barry Blue – Songs From The Heart Book

Reading Time: 7 minutes


“I’m thrilled when an artist of the calibre of Celine Dion or Diana Ross records one of my songs…but there’s always been the feeling that I let these tunes go…it is time for me to get them back to the way I originally conceived them.” BARRY BLUE


Chapter and Verse…50 Years On’
18th September, 2020

‘Songs from the Heart Book’
18th September, 2020

‘Double A Side’ Single: 31st July Release
Crime To Be Cool –
Escaping –

Barry Blue returns to the artist arena with a long-awaited recording project, ‘Chapter and Verse…50 years On’ which includes his first new album in over 45 years entitled ‘Songs from the Heart Book’.

The complete box-set will be released on 18th September 2020. Ahead of this, on 31st July 2020, Barry releases a double A-side teaser of two fantastic tracks…

CRIME TO BE COOL – A long way from the original version by Alison Limerick – Barry treats us to a slick and sassy slice of Future-Funk ‘Cubana’ – ISRC: GB9TT1803751 / COMPOSER: B. BLUE & R. SMITH / PUBLISHER: KARMA SONGS LTD, BUDDE MUSIC UK, COP. CON. / LABEL: FAVORED NATIONS MUSIC LTD


ESCAPING – A #1 single for New Zealand born artist Margaret Urlich in 1989…this much-travelled song grazed the UK charts in 1992 for female group Asia Blue and also became a Top 3 hit for the classy English pop-soul vocalist Dina Carroll in 1996. Now Barry takes his song back under his wing in this emotional and tortured version – ISRC: GB9TT1803751 / COMPOSER: B. BLUE & R. SMITH / PUBLISHER: KARMA SONGS LTD, BUDDE MUSIC UK, COP. CON. / LABEL: FAVORED NATIONS MUSIC LTD

Barry Blue is a man of many titles. Prolific hitmaker, master producer and one-time pop idol. He has history for a bespoke catalogue of songs that have been covered or sampled by global superstars such as Celine Dion, Diana Ross and Andrea Bocelli through to Missy Elliott, J.Dilla, Redman and Philip Bailey of Earth Wind & Fire and writing such pop staples as Dina Carroll’s ‘Escaping,’ Toto Coelo’s ‘I

Eat Cannibals,’ Five Star’s ‘All Fall Down,’ Brotherhood of Man’s European No. 1 ‘Kiss Me Kiss Your Baby’ and many other chart notables.

Barry was a very successful recording artist with major global hits such as ‘Dancin’ (on a Saturday Night)’  and ‘Do You Wanna Dance?’ amongst many others – but he now admits that he was more comfortable on the production side of a hit record and content just to see his name as a composer underneath a song he had written.

No one will forget his work with Heatwave, for whom his brilliant production merged exhilaratingly with a pre-Quincy Jones-era Rod Temperton. It was Blue who put the incongruous harp at the beginning of the anthemic three million seller ‘Boogie Nights’ to superb effect, and oversaw their exemplary Too Hot To Handle and Central Heating albums in their entirety (who can forget the classic ‘Always and Forever’, million-seller ‘The Groove Line’ and UK top ten hit ‘Mind Blowing Decisions’?).

Barry’s production and songwriting skills virtually took over the charts throughout the 1970s and ’80s and continued into the noughties and ‘oo’s with such artists as The Wanted and The Saturdays.


All in all, Barry has a body of studio work that has sold some 40 million records worldwide, in a career of more than 45 hits in as many years as a writer, producer and artist.

But for all of that stunning, prolonged success, there’s been something missing. That’s where ‘Chapter and Verse…50 years On’ comes in…

Barry has taken to the studio again to sing his songs for the first time in the way that he has always wanted them to be heard.

This new album is not a ‘greatest hits’ revisited, nor an exercise in nostalgia, but a chance for him to reclaim the compositions that have meant the most to him since he started his stellar career over fifty years ago. There’s no overblown production … just a gentle breeze of an album with tasteful acoustics augmented by elegant piano and soaring harmonies.

“On ‘Songs From The Heart Book’ I’m singing those tunes I now realise no one ever should have sung before me…because they’re all too personal. They are the soundtrack to my life, and I couldn’t leave them in the past. I needed to drag them kicking and screaming back into the light where they belong. I’m thrilled when an artist of the calibre of Celine Dion or Diana Ross records one of my compositions, but there’s always been the feeling that I let these songs go… it’s not that other artists didn’t do them well… It’s just that it’s time to get them back to the way I originally conceived them”

– Barry Blue ‘Chaper and Verse… 50 Years On’ is a box-set collection that includes the newly recorded ‘Songs From The Heart Book’ coupled with a second album ‘Songs From The Lost Book’ featuring unreleased tracks recorded in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s  together with rarities including the ‘Second Summer of Love’ smash ‘Afrodizziact’ and an edited version of his autobiography ‘Barry Who?’ (Immortality is not dead!) which he has been writing since ‘forever’ and which contains vignettes of his extraordinary life with all the ‘highs and lows’… both personal and musical.


The Album Released 18th September 2020


Hearty Cottage Pie – With a Twist of ‘Love or Hate’

Hearty Cottage Pie – With a Twist of ‘Love or Hate’

Reading Time: 3 minutes


‘It’s like Marmite’ is a widely used phrase to describe an ambiguous feeling of love or hate – as experienced by tasters of this widely enjoyed savoury spread. I personally love the tangy bite first experienced when growing up either on toast or as a hot drink in the Winter months. But I have friends who loathe it with a passion. So here is my ‘Love or Hate’ Recipe offering – and if you and your loved ones like Marmite, it really does add the relish you will enjoy with this hearty Cottage Pie.


800g Potatoes (Maris Piper or King Edwards are best)
1 Tablespoon Oil
1 Medium Onion – Finely Chopped
1 Large Carrot – Finely Chopped
1 Leek – Thinly Sliced
500g Extra Lean Mince (Beef, Pork or Turkey works well)
1 and a half Teaspoons Marmite – The special ingredient
Instant Gravy Granules made up with 500ml of water
Knob Butter
Splash of Milk


Cut Potatoes into chunks and boil for 12-15 Mins or until tender, Drain Well

Mix in butter and milk and set aside

Preheat Oven to 190c

Heat the oil in a pan and fry the mince & onion for 8-10 mins

Add the carrot and leek and cook for further 8 mins

Add the gravy and cook for 3 or 4 mins.

Place mince mixture into an oven proof dish

Top with the Mash

Make a fancy pattern on top of the mash, this helps create a crispy topping

Sprinkle a little grated cheese on top if you wish

Place in oven and cook for 20mins until bubbling and topping has browned.

Serve with steamed vegetables

Please let us know if you try this cottage pie with a twist of Marmite we are sure you will enjoy it

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