Frank Bruno MBE has suffered for years with mental health issues, and is now revealing the extent of his agony as he sets up his own foundation to help young people with similar mental health conditions.

The Frank Bruno Foundation will provide structured non-contact boxing sessions aimed to relieve the social, emotional and mental distress that adversely affects the mental health of children, young people and adults.

The Foundation Reports:

‘We are aiming to bring together the benefits of non-contact boxing with a solution focused well-being program. The aim is to bring healthy-body and healthy-mind approaches together to provide a holistic and enjoyable approach to supporting people with mental health problems. The aim is to help people to develop a healthier body and a healthier mind, building on their existing physical and emotional strengths and achievements. Our aspiration is that people will use the skills they learn on the programme to develop a happier, more fulfilling and successful future.”

Fighting Back!

The Frank Bruno Foundation is a direct result of Frank wanting to give something back to the community. Frank has faced challenges both in and out of the ring and is now using all of his back story to make the new venture work, with his own passion and experiences.

Frank Bruno MBE has always been a legend, known for his bravery in the Ring. But to face up to his inner Demons is taking courage to another level, and Bruno has that in abundance. He has now earned the respect of another generation of young people, who have suffered with similar issues.

He and his daughter Rachel are true ambassadors and they have certainly earned the respect of all of us at

Please check out the foundations website
Further details of mental health can be seen here

Please watch this inspiring video from Frank & Rachel, courtesy of “time to change”



Frank Bruno’s new Book “Let me be Frank” is out NOW, want a signed copy?
Go to the website
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