As the first hints of Spring finally tease through the clouds, we start thinking preparing for warmer climes at home or abroad.

Pulling out my favourite bikini last night was a bit of an eye opener for me as I decided that either the swimsuit had to go or the tummy. I decided on the latter, as with a few tone up exercises and less carbs, I could make a difference within a very short time indeed.

I have never been a Beach Babe even at my most fittest, but I can don a curvaceous Marilyn Monroe figure – especially if wearing a rather generous two piece bathing suit (fifties style). Did you know she was actually a size 16!

So I did a plan, and have given myself until the 1st June, just under two months to achieve my goal.




Here are some of my tips to get started.


Tummy exercises are easy, and as my old fitness instructor told me, concentrate on your tummy even whilst at your desk – because where energy goes, energy flows! This is so true, and you just have to get into the habit of pulling in your stomach and strengthening your torso at every opportunity.

As with every woman of a certain age, bat wings are not a good look and so these exercises are amazing for tightening up the tops of the arms. Stretch both arms out sideways, then gently tilt them backwards feeling the tightening in the upper arm. Do these fifty times three times a day and you will see the difference within a week.

Swimming is great exercise for the entire body and if you can get in two to three 20 minute stretches in the pool you will tone up and strengthen the muscles. Water Aerobics are also effective and fun, and a good alternative to the Gym.

Diet adaptation is also necessary after the Winter months of late night hot chocolate and extra calories. I have always taken the low fat route rather than a low calorie diet, as the weight loss is more expedient and it is easier to sustain.

Join a Slimming World if you are serious about dropping pounds or just opt for low fat products in the Supermarket.


A typical day for me would be:


A poached or boiled egg

One slice of wholemeal toast

Lighter spread

Tea or coffee with skimmed milk

One banana



Baked potato

Baked Beans


Zero fat yoghurt



One piece of fresh salmon

Mixed fresh vegetables

Boiled potatoes

Fresh fruit salad


Check out other low fat options – there are many now on offer, even with ready meals if you are on the go.

So if you are ready to begin the Fitness Challenge, so am I – and I look forward to sharing ideas and targets with you soon.

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