When Meghan Markle stepped out with her bo Prince Harry last month at the Invictus Games, the World took a gasp of relief. Firstly because their much publicised romance was on every tabloid’s lips and secondly we were all dying to see what she would wear as their union was consolidated and announced to the World.

A ‘husband’ white shirt with ripped jeans was both a relief and a revelation, as she looked cool, fresh and confident, which let’s face it is the most important aspect of retaining one’s identity. Meghan achieved that in abundance, sticking close to her Californian roots whilst not bucking the fashion altogether as she donned a very expensive pair of designer sunglasses.

So back to the white shirt. I have always been a fan of a crisp white shirt worn in a slouch mode with rolled up sleeves and perhaps nipped in with a low slung belt. But there are a multitude of ways to make it work for you.

If you are going from the Board Room to a party this Christmas, you can adapt during the day with a black or navy jacket or blazer and then vamp it up for evening with jewellery like a choker, sparkling brooch and earrings.

A white shirt can also be ‘customised’ with sequins sown into the lapels or collar and matched with skinny jeans or sparkling leggings and high heels to complete the outfit.

If you are struggling with the ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ syndrome, which is common this time of the year, and if you have a dinner party or posh work do. Then join the boys in a smart black suit (even hire one from Burtons) and wear a white shirt with a tie or black bow and DJ. This is not just ultra-flattering, it really makes a statement, and you will be the envy of everyone in the room.

So you see, the little white shirt really is the new black dress.


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