How many of us are really holding it together in these crazy unprecedented times.   It really is the wild west with the unpredictability of the Pandemic and life as we know it.

How do we survive and come out of this without permanent damage to our already fragile mental wellbeing.

These are the questions that are being posed on every level to psychologists and we are desperately seeking answers.

Andy White

A highly accomplished psycho therapist call Andy White has a theory of his own through tried and tested means and has written a book ‘Going Mad to Stay Sane’, which talks about how to turn ‘sanity’ on its head by staring fear in the face to overcome it.  How our self-destructive urges become our salvation. Patients in his care have experienced life changing outcomes in times of high anxiety and depression.

Another revolutionary phenomenon are The Speakmans, a highly successful husband and wife team whose revolutionary therapies have taken the World by storm, with unparalleled outcomes for those suffering with fears or phobias.

Nik & Eva Speakman

Nik and Eva Speakman have appeared recently on daytime TV to announce that Dutch scientists have validated their treatment method and claim it to be more effective that those recommended by the NHS or World Health Organisation.

How critical in these burning times of fear as our mental health issues soar out of control with overwhelming feelings
of doubt and desperation.

We are turning to mindfulness as our only solution in these terrifying times, and are seeking solutions far beyond our comprehension or that modern medicine can provide.

To experience The Speakmans in conversation with the Wonderbirds log onto the WonderbirdsShow. The show is
being aired on Friday 17 April or you can see it in catch up on the Wonderbirds Facebook page.


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