As the nation comes together to create awareness for Mental Health in children, we are also at risk of sweeping everything under the carpet where our own psychological health is concerned.

The majority of us in the Western World are under enormous pressure to deliver unrealistic goals, whether at home or at work.  We rarely have time to kick back or even know when to stop, and we all know the outcome of constant high pressure and the demands of everyday life.

Stressbusters come in many forms, and you may be surprised that they are easily accessible and completely effective.  They don’t necessarily mean long treks to the gym or expensive holidays, but available on your own doorstep and may not cost anything at all.  

Doing what you love is our first recommendation and music our first choice.  Music is loved by most, and listening to your favourite band or composition, even for five minutes of any day will lift your spirits and regenerate your batteries.

If you think you don’t have time, then put on your headphones and listen as you are doing your housework or making your breakfast.  You will be surprised at how different you feel.  Such a simple tweak to your daily routine can make all the difference.

If you want to take it a step further, join a local choir or singing group, there are many throughout the UK, and there should be one in your area.   So many people are singing the praises (excuse the pun) of being in a choir, some saying that it has transformed their lives, so if you love music and singing in the shower, take it to the next level and investigate your local group.

There is a wonderful group in West Bridgford Nottingham called the ‘tuneless choir’ who have come together for the sheer love of music and are blasting out in spite of sometimes hitting a bum note.   One of its founder members Nadine says “The benefits of singing are well documented, it releases endorphins – the brain’s feel-good chemicals.  And singing in a choir has been shown to have an even greater effect – it can reduce anxiety and depression, and increase life satisfaction.”

If you are in the same boat, why not form your own group – perhaps just with friends and family.  You could have a whole heap of fun, and the laughter would certainly de-stress you.

Music therapy has been recognised as a health activity for a number of years, and more and more groups are springing up all over the UK in all areas of mainstream learning and for people suffering with stress or those with learning difficulties.  

If you want something a bit different, Bell Ringing is a brilliant activity that reaches body and soul, one that is both emotional and physical, and it is an ancient art that is still enjoyed by thousands today.  The Bell Ringers Society are aiming to officially make Bell Ringing a sport, because of its highly physical factor.  For more information contact them on

If you are doing something you love and having a bit of fun, you will function so much better throughout the day.

After all, we all know that happiness is a great healer, and we are here to remind us all and hopefully make a difference to each of our lives.


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