It is said that love and money are closely aligned, and if it means doing something you love can support you and your family and lead to money, then I completely agree.

In this fast moving high tech age where everything is online, and all about guidelines and virtual reality games – it may be surprising to know that the Cottage Industry is back and stronger than ever.

Back in the day, long before the Internet was even a twinkle in the eye of its creator, family businesses were the norm – mainly due to the convenience of a local community to support it’s trade.

Nowadays of course we have the World as our online community, which is a great advantage as you have the capability to do what you love from the comfort of our own home, and make it work for you.

Arts and crafts like knitting, sewing and crochet are back – and an increasing number of males are participating alongside their partners. Perhaps it is to balance the ever increasing speed of the virtual world and return to a more organic peaceful time with a creative outcome.

Whatever it is that floats your boat, could be your fortune – or at least sustain you and help build your empire, whatever your ambition.

A recent success story of a single mum who started her own business at home (and we are not talking about JK Rowling) is Lizzie whose favourite thing was baking. She had been doing this for a number of years whilst creating her own breads and cakes. One day at a particularly fun coffee morning with other mums, she was commended for her mouth watering pastries, and it was suggested that she try to supply the local bakery.

The rest is history and she now supplies five bakeries, one in her own village and several others within ten miles of her home. This supplies a decent income for both Mum and baby and she is now being approached by potential buyers who are impressed by her talent and are encouraging her to expand.

The Etsy Marketplace is a great online shopping outlet, and business idea in itself, and supports many Cottage Industry businesses from jewellery making to hand made rugs and clothing. If you are a spinner for example and want a place to market your goods, this is a highly supported site from buyers of home made products.

Photo courtesy of: Daniel Acker | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Photo courtesy of: Daniel Acker | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Success in business is mainly down to passion and perseverance, and if you have the first then people will come and then the rest is easy.

So the key is to ask yourself, what are you passionate about. Perhaps your are not the creative type, not everyone is – well don’t despair, there may be something you are missing.

If you have a particular penchant for languages for instance you could set up a home learning circle for French or Spanish or even Chinese (depending on your own knowledge of course).

You may be a whiz kid at social media – there are many who would benefit from your expertise and you could explore running a teaching circle, and earn from those hours of exploration by passing it on to other people.

You may be able to play guitar or piano – have you considered how many people in your local community would love to learn even the basics of a musical instrument – at whatever age. You can earn a great salary from just a few hours a week with this popular pastime.

Hopefully this has set you thinking, and even if you don’t give up the day job tomorrow, it may be inspiring for you to consider how a mini start up doing something you love could change your life and afford you the time and space you have longed for.

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