Several years ago when going through a breakup and major self image crisis which comes with the territory, a close friend advised me to look at the situation as a new beginning. She also guided me in the direction of luxurious lingerie, to help make me feel special even though I had nobody to share it with – but to look and feel sexy – for my own self esteem.

I was guilty of the usual suspects with Tshirt bras from Primark or throwaway knickers from Tescos, and so decided to up my game and look into some of the more glamorous labels so that I would feel less frumpy and far more fabulous.

I had like many of us been brought up on the Bridget Jones style of knickers from my Mum, who to this day when I stay with her overnight puts out a pair of like style pants together with my towel and looks disapprovingly at anything less that 12 inches in diameter in the underwear department.

Talking of Departments, whilst exploring this new world of undies, my first port of call was John Lewis, where I was advised I could be measured for a good fitting bra, and that they had the best range of gorgeous lingerie.


The assistant was a delightful lady in her late seventies or more, who went to great lengths to make sure that she provided me with over an hour of complete one to one dedication – insisting that she show me all of the ranges of lingerie available, after telling me about the wonders of underwear.  She felt so strongly that she blamed the lack of care in this area to all the breakups and divorces as she said ‘women had in recent years disregarded this little secret’.  Bless her heart, I was so taken with her that I came out with a beautiful Bravissimo pink bra and pant set I still have in my possession after five years, and so quality really does prevail.

Another amazing find is Design Also in St Paul’s Road, Islington.  The staff will take great care in fitting you for your perfect bra, and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the shape and design.  Ignore the immediate chaos as you enter the shop, as the service outweighs the décor, and makes it all worthwhile.

If you want to go for ultra glam, then Rigby and Peller has the most exquisite range of basques, bras, bodies and garters. You can also book an appointment with a representative who will point you in the right direction with your selection and you will come out feeling a million dollars (without spending as much).

If you are going for the ultra sexy, Agent Provocateur is high in distinguee. Their exceptional range is guaranteed to make you feel fantastic, and ranges from the more demur to the outright steaming hot designs.

Don’t be deterred by your shape if that has been an issue – lingerie comes in all sizes, and can only help to release your inner beauty so that you can start loving yourself again.

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