Eureka Entertainment are proud to announce Nanny Complete Series 1-3 DVD release

available to own for the very first time


Starring Wendy Craig (Butterflies) 

also stars John Quale, Natalie Forbes & Patrick Troughton 

Available now from Amazon 

wendy craig

Nanny Complete Series DVD Box Set



In the wake of a life changing divorce, Barbara Gray (Wendy Craig) has little left next to her name and begins a new life as a determined and headstrong Nanny. No Mary Poppins magic to be found in this story, as Barbara solves the children’s (and the parents) problems with just good old fashioned advice and a selfless resolve. Set amongst the grand country houses of the rich, Barbara faces the struggle of society’s prejudice against a divorcee, amongst a number of ongoing dramas in both her professional and personal life.

In this classic period drama of scintillating highs and crushing lows, Nanny tells the story of one woman’s driving ambition to serve others above all else.  Eureka! is pleased to present the complete BBC TV 1981-1983 drama series on DVD for the first time in a 9-disc box set.


DVD Details 

  • Release date 22nd May 2017
  • 12 Certificate
  • RRP £59.99
  • 9 x Disc set
  • Run Time: 1500 min. (30 x 50 min. episodes)
  • Year aired 1981-83
  • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

You can see a exclusive interview with Wendy here talking about how she came up with the idea of Nanny

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