Sexual attraction is a very powerful tool, which has been the downfall or the building of empires throughout history, dating back to when time began, with the forbidden apple of Adam and Eve.

In recent times, it has been attributed to young women in their ‘prime’, with the more visual allure of physical beauty and aesthetics.

But the truth is out and the power of sex is not just a young man or woman’s attribute, and is not a thing endowed on the beautiful or the rich and famous, as our modern tabloids lead us to believe.

A well-known psycho-analyst who prefers to remain anonymous as he is writing a book on the subject, refers to this widely covered phenomenon and confesses that as a secret from the man cave, it is a myth invented by men to ‘control’ women. He states that when the source of this safely guarded secret is revealed he could be lynched by men for all eternity.

He went on to tell us that his best relationship was with a woman twenty years his senior, and three times his weight. He also upholds the challenge from males and females alike in the wake of this revelation, saying that it is across the board for men in general.

So how quickly are we to believe this ‘new man’, or this liberating revelation? How nice would it be if we didn’t feel intimidated after the age of 30 to be young and slim and have long legs and big boobs and perfect skin.

We have studied this expose and tapped my own research bank to trash the myth and help our sisters to find their sexuality whatever age or shape or beauty.

Take our Prince Charles with the much maligned Camilla for instance. If you had put her up against Diana as a candidate for sexuality and love with our popular belief system, who would you have chosen?

That is just one example. I have another with a friend who is well into her fifties, overweight and not conventionally beautiful, but is a steaming hot bed of sexuality, who has men dropping at her feet, let alone in and out of her bedroom.

How many times do you look at couples who don’t add up to the belief system, with the male partner being ‘better looking’ than the lady, but are deliriously happy and enjoying good sex. It can work the other way round too, but that is another discussion.

It may be that it is too much to take on a lifetime of cover up and discover that we have been duped in one hit. But imagine for a moment it were true. It may be that you have issues relating to age related body image, or have always been ashamed of the way you look.

It could also be that you are aiming for perfection, and we all know that all models are airbrushed these days, so perfection is impossible. But it does not stop us endlessly aiming to drop a dress size or turn the clock back. Nothing wrong with looking good or keeping fit and healthy, but unrealistic goals are not good for morale or long term confidence and body image.

The Goddess of love and sexuality will be celebrating with us as we speak, as these secrets are revealed, and feel she has guided us to this discovery to confirm that our ‘man spy’ could be well on course.

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