A recent sequence of events has guided me into a life change that even I hadn’t considered an option. As a confirmed Londonite and urban stalwart of 30 years, the country life has never been my bag.   But as I have braved the delights of English village life for the past few months, am now seeing the advantages of this less frenzied lifestyle.

It has been many years since I owned a pet, and I have secretly longed for a dog, having been brought up with a variety of animals ranging from a boxer, a poodle, a great Dane and a pony. So when the opportunity of a Labrador puppy was presented to me last week, all my animal-maternal instincts came to the fore, and after much deliberation, I have agreed to take on the huge responsibility of owning a female honey blonde girl puppy – in erm two weeks time. Yikes!!!


I have to say that without the local kennel owner promising me huge support with training and dog sitting, plus other neighbours saying they will dog sit, I would not be going ahead.   But now that I have made the commitment it feels right, and I am excited about the prospect of owning a doggy.

My daughter who has just given birth to twin boys is over the moon as is my granddaughter, now aged 5, as it is easier for them to visit than take on another responsibility at this stage, so good all round. They have already named her Milly, and so Milly it is.

So what next, well you will be pleased to know if you are pet lovers, that I will be documenting this exciting new journey, with all its challenges and delights, and giving you complete and utter ‘hands on’ advice if you are thinking of acquiring a pet, or are already a pet owner.

The first task I have been strongly advised to do is to insure Milly from the outset, with the ‘no ceiling’ option on the insurance as people have been caught out with the plan. Plus it does not cost a lot more, and could save you a great deal by selecting this option.

Then ensure you have all the toys and comforts in place for your new arrival – including a puppy cage for those first few months. The latter has been highly recommended by a pet lover, who has offered to lend me theirs. It is amazing the amount of support you will get when you put the word out.

I will also be giving you some incredibly invaluable training tips from an expert to help you with those first few weeks of settling the animal into your home.

But all in good time, and will be back to you soon as I am just off to Pets at Home to book Milly’s jabs – they are the less expensive option to the vet – which you should investigate as you embark on your new pet ownership adventure.

http://www.petsathome.com/ Have stores Nationwide for all your pets needs.


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