Why has an invitation to the Red Carpet event of the year The Pink FAB Ball at the Landmark Hotel on 6 May sent me into a lather?   My old boyfriend’s ‘there ain’t no pleasing you’ comment spring to mind, as I agonise upon what to wear ever since I heard the news.

It really is going to be a memorable occasion, firstly because it is in association with an important Charity, Breast Cancer Care who bring solace to so many sufferers of the disease, and secondly it is now in memory of the First Lady of Sci-fi, our very own co-founder of Glotime.tv Sylvia Anderson. Even more reason why I need to get it right.


As a five foot two and a half curvy, from the Bridget Jones generation where she got it embarrassingly wrong when invited to the Lawyers Ball, do I really want to make an idiot of myself turning up in the wrong gear, let alone over doing it with too much makeup.

I have been through all types of looks in my imagination, from an extravagant ballgown on hire from a Wedding shop, to a badly fitting evening dress which I have decided against, and am now almost settling on a tuxedo mans style evening suit a la Princess Diana from the eighties. So I have decided to use the agony of the past few weeks and impart a bit of wisdom to you for any special occasion.

The key is to identify your own unique style and go with it, even if you have to wear a leather jacket over a ballgown or a pair of your favourite strides with a dressy jacket.

So use your own wardrobe is the first place to start. Get out your favourite items of clothing and footwear and build the outfit from there. Then take yourself off to the nearest vintage outlet with the said item, and hunt for treasure. It can be in the form of an old chocker or pendant or even a brooch. Any piece of jewellery to make the outfit unique to you, the scroll the internet for shoes or boots or whatever is missing to complete. It is amazing how creative you can become when focused on a project of this nature, and incredible how the Universe will present you with exactly what you are looking for when you are on a mission of this importance.


Whatever the outcome, and after all the weeks of agony, the most important thing is that you feel good on the night, as well as feeling confident in the outfit you are wearing. Which is where I am coming to now to recommend those ladies of a certain age and stature who can still rock it, and want to look and feel good. Go with your gut and what makes you feel like you want to dance as if no-one is looking because if you do you are sure to raise an eyebrow or two from the less adventurous and a glance of approval from those you really want to impress.


Details of the PINK FAB BALL can be seen here PINK FAB BALL

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