Fitness loving celebrity reveals her bone health scare and how she aims to continue her busy lifestyle and media career with the help of LithoLexal®‘s marine calcium product.

As a life-long advocate of health and fitness who has regularly exercised three to four times a week, taken a generic calcium supplement and eaten a healthy diet – television celebrity Anthea Turner doesn’t fit the stereotype of someone at risk of bone fractures and developing osteoporosis. However, the much-loved star, who has just turned 58 and shot to fame on Blue Peter and GMTV, has recently revealed she is at risk of developing the condition. In response, she has started a new regime and promotional campaign with bone health specialists, LithoLexal®, whose calcium products contain a more bioavailable form of the mineral, compared to less effective rock-based supplements. Turner is keen to highlight the hidden bone risks to otherwise very fit and healthy women – while also showing that the condition can be managed with the right support.
Furthermore, the star continues to enjoy a busy media career and she intends to do so while maintaining vibrant health and fitness.

Anthea’s Surprising Relationship with LithoLexal® Bone Health Brand Highlights Risk to Fit & Healthy Women

When Anthea Turner was approached by bone health specialists, LithoLexal®, as a potential brandambassador, the star reveals that she was unsure whether she was the ideal match. Indeed, having spent the last thirty years exercising and sticking to a healthy diet, she didn’t expect herself to be at risk of osteoporosis or bone fractures.  However, having talked to LithoLexal®‘s experts, who explained the fact that genetics, ageing, low BMI, menopausal changes, lack of sunlight and poorly-absorbed calcium supplements are among the chief factors that can affect bone integrity, Anthea was encouraged to undergo a DEXA bone scan to analyse her risk. And the results startled Anthea, who was found to have the condition of osteopenia (the precursor to osteoporosis), in her spine and hip: “As someone with a life-long passion for healthy eating, exercise and well-being, finding out my bone density was pre-osteoporotic was a bit of a shock.”  Following the scan, Anthea agreed to a challenge – team-up with the brand and supplement her diet with LithoLexal® Bone Health Osteoporotic – before having follow-up bone scans periodically. Worldwide, one in three women over 50 will experience osteoporotic fractures, as will one in five men.

Anthea Turner – Fitness for Life & Celebrity Status

 In addition to increasing the awareness of bone risks to the general public and hoping to reduce her own risk of osteoporosis, Anthea has another big reason to link-up with one of the world’s leading bone health brands – her life-long passion for exercise and her career in which looking and feeling a million dollars, is essential.

Indeed, having been in the spotlight for over 30 years, as a TV presenter, interiors expert and writer, Anthea has no plans to slow down, with recent stints on ITV’s Lorraine, This Morning, Celebrity Antiques Hunt and a plan to appear on Blue Peter’s 60th birthday anniversaries, all illustrating the star’s passion for work is as strong as ever.

Anthea puts her zest down to her passion for fitness and well-being, something she’s had a life-long interest in – illustrated by the success of her ‘Y Plan Fitness’ video, which sold over one million units and lead to other releases including ‘Body Basics’ and ‘Tone, Lift & Condition’. The star of the highly acclaimed BBC series Perfect Housewife says that, at age 58, she still performs Pilates, ballet as well as weight training twice a week; her appearance at the recent The Asian Awards 2018 in London, in a figure-hugging pink sequinned dress, belied her age by decades. Which is why the DEXA scan revealed a hidden health risk that the star is intent on fighting with the help of LithoLexal®: “I feel fantastic and don’t look or feel my age, but my DEXA scan shows that bone loss is a silent health issue that could have a dramatic impact on my life left undetected and untreated. After talking to the expert team at LithoLexal®, it was enlightening to hear that a simple supplement ritual can naturally help protect and hopefully increase my bone density when I get another scan after six months.”

LithoLexal®‘s range of bone health supplements contain a unique marine-derived calcium which is better absorbed than generic rock-based products, leading to research proven benefits on bone density, something Anthea is relying on to fight her risk and stay active: “My greatest fear is to be inactive, so I’m fully prepared to put up a fight on this one, encouraging others in the danger zone to do the same.”

LithoLexal® & Anthea Turner Team-up for Bone Health Campaign

LithoLexal®‘s announcement of teaming-up with Anthea Turner, will see the star feature prominently in their marketing drive. In addition to press, radio and point of sale material, Anthea will front a special booklet on bone health. Furthermore, as noted by LithoLexal®‘s Managing Director, Chris Keeble, one of the most exciting parts of the partnership, is the chance to see if taking LithoLexal® will actually increase Anthea’s bone density, when she undergoes follow-up DEXA scans:

“Anthea is the perfect ambassador to support our brand mission, which is to highlight the risks of bone loss in women, throughout their life, during and after menopause – and crucially, help them fight back and legitimately combat the issue. Many women will relate to Anthea, because despite living an extremely healthy lifestyle, she’s showing signs of weakening bones – so it’s a real chance for us to demonstrate that LithoLexal® genuinely works in the real world.”

Anthea Turner will be putting research proven LithoLexal® to the test by supplementing her diet with LithoLexal® Bone Health Osteoporotic, which contains uniquely-absorbed marine calcium,magnesium, Vercilexal® fish cartilage extract and Vitamin D.

LithoLexal® is available exclusively from Holland & Barrett: LithoLexal




We at Glotime will be following Anthea’s journey and will bring you updates, stay tuned.

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