How many times have you heard the expression ‘gut reaction’ or ‘I feel it in my gut’ with reference to the the central control system for the rest of our body.
We are learning more and more that the right food intake and amount of daily exercise can help tremendously, but it goes deeper than that.
Studies show that the imbalance of enzymes in the gut prevent weight loss and wellbeing on a grand scale, and so this is the area we should be encouraged to nurture if we want to look younger and live longer.

A great book to start with is:
The Gut Balance Revolution: Boost Your Metabolism, Restore Your Inner Ecology, and Lose the Weight for Good! 
The book outlines the results of research that confirms gut microflora and intestinal microbiota play a huge part in metabolism, weight loss, energy and general balance of the intestines.

It goes onto say that inflammation and insulin resistance are major contributors to obesity, and the book will teach you how to reboot the system, and eliminate fat-forming bad bacteria and boost your metabolism.
It also gives you a step by step guide to obtaining your weight loss goals and restore your energy levels, without taking away the pleasures of the food and lifestyle you love.

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If you want guidance in person then visit a nutritionist or someone serious who specialises in gut health.

Gudrun Jonsson is such a practitioner, who believes that if you can understand your digestive system, you can and will leap towards optimum health.   In fact, she believes everything changes and moves, and therefore we can reverse symptomatic issues.  Her unique philosophy focuses on a combination of the traditional healing arts from the subcontinent, biopathic treatments, and the latest advances in scientific health, ageing and wellness.

Based in London, Gudrun welcomes clients all over the World.  Before establishing her practice in London, Swedish-born Gudrun trained and qualified as a biopath at the Institut for Biologisk Medicin in Copenhagen. Gudrun has written two bestselling books – ‘Gut Reaction’ and ‘The Gut Reaction Eating Plan‘ – and has made numerous television appearances.

Gudrun has an extensive knowledge of the healing properties of plants and foods, and her treatments lead her clients to have a more alkaline and balanced digestive function that impacts on their overall health and wellbeing.
As well as weight loss and wellbeing, Gudrun’s treatment also includes plant-based serums, oils and balms that can heal skin conditions ranging from acne to psoriasis and can balance acidic constitutions and heal inflammation.
Gudrun also has many celebrity clients whose health has been restored, but the vast spectrum of people she has treated range from all walks of life, and she treats each one equally and with the utmost commitment.

A recent high profile client, Dee Anderson, who is at the helm of and daughter of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson of Thunderbirds fame, has been a recent client and has this to say.

‘Gudrun has completely turned my life around, and apart from the incredible weight loss that was instant, my skin has restored its youthful glow, and all traces and years of excema flare ups have been eradicated, my anxiety levels have decreased and I have a lot more energy.’

Contact Gudrun Jonsson:
1 Napier Road, Kensington, London W14 8LQ
020 7603 1926



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