Numerology for me was one of the easiest of the occult fields to learn and I still find it one of the most accurate and fascinating subjects to date. It goes back over many centuries it’s related to Pythagoras a Greek Philosopher who lived in the sixth century B.C. he is known as the father of numerology. Pythagoras believed that all things are numbers and He believed that all of us lead a predestined life path because of the life paths we are born with.

Numerology can be used to read people’s characters and to understand the influences and opportunities in their lives at any given time, it also can show us our Karmic Lessons and Karmic Debts ..karmic lessons describe the things you are supposed to learn in this life and a Karmic Debt is a debt that travels with you from one lifetime to the next. In other words, all the not so nice things you did in your past life you will have to fix and restore the harm that you have done in preparation for the next lifetime.

What does your name mean?

Your Name at Birth, Date of Birth, Number Plate of your Car, The Door Number you live at, the Postcode you live at and so on are all made up of numbers, and they all have a distinct meaning to the individual. In the table below you can see how you can convert the letters of the alphabet into numbers.

Letter conversion to Numbers

Numerology can be used for many things in your life in particular, your career, your relationships, marriage dates and names, choosing a business name, naming your child and so on, you will find once you use it for one thing you will want to use it for everything.

The Name on your Birth Certificate describes your personality, who you are, how you react, where your strengths and weaknesses are and what you want to achieve. even if you change your name these things will never change you will just attract different vibrations to your personality. From your birth name, I can find your Motivation Number and your Inner Self Number and your Expression Number. In short, Your Motivation Number shows how you think and the way you act.

Your Inner Self Number is what your dreams are made of and it’s also quite often how people see you. The expression number is how you express yourself and where your talents lie.

I can also see from your Numerology Chart your Life Cycles, your turning points and your Challenges you face in your life.

Your Birth Date Number (known as the Destiny Number and Life Path) suggests your overall path in life and place in the world and it is based on your birth date. Simply add up the numbers in your birth date and keep reducing them until you reach a single number, unless of course you have a master number which will need to be interpreted separately.

what do your numbers mean?

Birth Month is April = 4
Birth Date is 30th =30
Birth Year is 1966 =1966
Add up digits of all these numbers
4+3+1+9*6+6 = 29
Then reduce the number to a single digit by adding 2+9 =11 then reduce again to 1+1=2
The number your left with is 2. this is the Life Path Number.

I have listed Below is a brief indicator of Life Path Numbers.

ONE is the Leader and indicates the ability to stand alone. It is a very strong vibration and is ruled by the Sun. In Astrology the Sun rules Leo so it is very similar to the Leo vibration. In love Number Ones can take the Lead and sometimes be quite self-cantered however they are willing to experiment and can be quite exciting…They require a lot of excitement as they can bore easily.

TWO is the Mediator and the Peacemaker. Number Two’s Desire is for harmony and peace. It is a gentle considerate and sensitive vibration and ruled by the Moon. The Moon rules Cancer in astrology so it’s similar to the Cancer vibration. In love Number Twos will bend over backwards to keep a relationship running smoothly and they offer emotional security to their partners and plenty of support.

THREE is a sociable, friendly and outgoing number. kind, positive and adventurous but can also be extravagant and scatter their energies too much. Three’s enjoy life to the full and have a good sense of humour. They are ruled by Jupiter and in Astrology Jupiter rules Sagittarius so it’s similar to the Sagittarius vibration. In love Number Threes are fun, energetic and willing to experiment and they like contact with others as it makes them feel happy and content. That aside if they feel confined, they will feel unhappy and may become restless and will need their space, but if they are allowed their freedom, they are exciting and happy partners

FOUR is the worker. workaholic even. Fours are trustworthy, hardworking and helpful and ruled by Uranus, in astrology Uranus rules Aquarius do us similar to the Aquarian vibration to reach balance and harmony in their lives. At their worst they can be very jealous people. In love Fours can be steady and generally trustworthy, but they can be quite emotional and frustrated, and if they feel trapped, they can become confrontational to say the least. If a relationship with a number four becomes stagnant it can definitely bring out that confrontational side. They love to solve problems, and tackle predicaments, but can be very opinionated at times.

FIVE is the Freedom lover. number five is a very intellectual vibration. These are people with lots of ideas with a love of variety, and they have the ability to adapt to most people and/or situations. They are ruled by Mercury and in astrology Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo and will continue to do so until a new planet is found to take its place in one of those signs (probably Virgo) so it’s very similar to a Gemini/Virgo vibration. In love Fives handle unexpected challenges and changes well. They like to have fun and freedom is very important to them . so, stability conscious types would be better to look elsewhere but if you are freedom loving like them it can be a very harmonious relationship indeed.

SIX Is the Peace lover. Number Six is a loving, stable and harmonious vibration and is ruled by Venus, in astrology Venus rules Taurus and Libra so is similar to their vibration. In love Number Six has a deep dislike of discord and generally work very hard at keeping the peace. They are individuals that are very attached to their families and their homes and at their best they are devoted and stable partners and do whatever they can to reach balance and harmony in their lives. at their worst they are extremely jealous and suspicious people.

SEVEN is the deep thinker. The number seven is a very spiritual vibration and sevens are not attached to material things in any way and are generally quiet individuals but they are Psychic, wise and reserved people. Seven is ruled by Neptune and in astrology Neptune rules Pisces so is very similar to the Pisces vibration. In love Sevens can be sometimes hard to reach and understand. sometimes they may even seem a little kooky. They are intuitive and psychic and are often devoted partners but they can be prone to disappointments when relationships inevitably fall short of ideal, as they put everything into making them work.

EIGHT is the Manager, Number Eights are strong and successful and ruled by Saturn, in astrology Saturn rules Capricorn so is similar to the Capricorn vibration. In love Eights take commitment very seriously but they can sometimes treat relationships like business deals, and then they can easily alienate partners and end up not creating the loving, romantic partnership they desire. Eights are generally stable and secure and can offer that to their partners but they need to take the business-like attitude out of it in order for the relationship to succeed.

NINE is the teacher in life and can be controlling if they are allowed to do so…they can be a little unpredictable and fiery too. Nines are ruled by Mars and in astrology Mars rules Aries so is similar to the Aries vibration. In love Nines are involved and helpful and they are sympathetic lovers but they can get easily frustrated and get angry, and if anger is triggered their emotions can be volcanic and can resort to bullying tactics when they are unhappy . on the other side if two nines are together it can go the other way and the one with a weaker personality Number can become the doormat.

In my work I use Esoteric Numerology and Astrology combined as you can see that the Life Path Numbers are ruled by planets so together it is such a powerful combination.

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Diana or Camilla Camp – Where Do You Reside?

Diana or Camilla Camp – Where Do You Reside?

Twenty years have passed since that fateful night in Paris when we lost our beautiful Queen of Hearts in a tragic car accident. Since then there have been two very royal weddings close to home, with Charles and Camilla and William and Kate, and endless conspiracy theories with fingers pointed and questions raised as to the events leading up to Diana’s death in the tunnel.


Now, two decades on we are still talking about our People’s Princess, and with the recent documentaries around new footage of Diana in one, and rumblings of disapproval from the Palace in another, it is as if no time has passed at all.

The truth is we will probably never know what actually happened that night, and according to Ken Wharfe, her former bodyguard, who still maintains it was a tragic accident, if he had still been in charge of her welfare, she would never had been allowed to get into the Mercedes with a driver who had allegedly been drinking.

Others think differently, believing she was ‘dealt with’, as her romantic links with a Muslim, Dodi Fayed were getting serious.

If you are also a woman of a certain age, you will remember holding your breath as she delivered the iconic speech on Panorama in 2005, when she said ‘there were three of us in this marriage’. Our hearts went out to her then, and again when we saw the raw footage of her fresh faced and vulnerable as she poured her heart out to her sympathetic speech therapist.

Should the tapes have been allowed on television, of course they should – after all she shaped so many of our lives, and influenced the very essence of our mind set as she embarked on an adventure, starting out as an ordinary girl caring for children, marrying her Prince with a fairy tale Wedding, and then becoming the most powerful woman in the World.

It was the stuff that dreams are made of and we willingly bought into it as she went from strength, relating to her as she did to us and then with the birth of her boys, it all added to the illusion of her life and the belief that all was idyllic in the Palace of Perfection.

Little did we know that it was far from the truth. Whether or not Diana developed Bulimia before or after her discovery that Camilla was not going away is irrelevant. She was a naive 19 year old girl who loved her vocation as a Nanny and her camaraderie with her flat mates but was seduced into a Royal marriage with the promise of happy ever after.

Diana was abandoned from the minute she stepped foot into the Royal arena, and she had every reason to feel unsafe. She was surrounded by vultures who were feeding off her very life blood, and I don’t just mean the Paparazzi. Everyone wanted a part of her, were watching her every move and she just didn’t have the capacity to cope.

Charles was clearly in love with Camilla from the outset, and it is true you can’t choose who you fall in love with. Apart from that he was also under huge pressure to marry. But he underestimated the power of both his young wife and the people, and failed the mother of his children by burying his head in the sand as Diana cried out for his love and attention time and time again.

Not only was she left unsupported, but she was deemed to be unstable, and whispers of ‘madness’ and ‘out of control’ echoed around the walls of the Palace. A few hundred years before she would have been burned at the stake or beheaded, but at least then she wouldn’t have endured the humiliation and betrayal of the people close to her.

But Diana put on a public face with her Charity work, as a Mother and her other humanitarian activities, with an Oscar winning performance every day of her life. Nobody knew the underlying pain and devastation she was feeling, until it became impossible to conceal, and even after her divorce carried on with what she knew best.

Diana predicted that Charles would eventually marry Camilla, and it came to pass. But in the process Diana had been burnt by Charles time and time again, as he diminished her femininity in place of the adoration of his mistress, telling her that he had no intention of behaving differently to any Prince of Wales, who all had ‘other’ women.

In a recent television interview from Penny Junor, a rather stiff and starchy representative of the Royals, supporting Camilla with her sadly timed book about her own brush with infidelity with her serial adulterer husband Andrew Parker-Bowles, said that Camilla would definitely be Queen.

It is believed that Camilla is also desperate to be liked, and by no stretch of the imagination, even if you veer toward Camilla Camp, can you say that she has yet earned our respect or the right to be accepted as Queen.

I am also fascinated by the deafening silence of Prince William and Harry whose appearances were so spectacular in their recent documentary about their Mother, but they have not tried to prevent the other documentaries from going out.

They have come clean about their obvious lack of emotional support at the time of Diana’s death, and their instability that ensued, but have never actually aired their feelings about their father’s marriage to the person so many people blame for Diana’s demise.


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The Gender Trap – We Still Have A Long Way To Go

The Gender Trap – We Still Have A Long Way To Go

It is evident by recent reports from the seemingly politically correct BBC that equal pay across the genders is still an issue of major contention.


It is also evident that we seem to be slipping backwards on so many levels of equality, and so how are we going to resolve the problems that still exist in spite of the tireless efforts on behalf of Women in the Workplace from endless campaigns and representation.

A couple of years ago I met a man who on the face of it appeared to be a typical white middle class misogynist – the CEO of a huge American Oil company, incredibly wealthy and with a multitude of Republican associates.   It shocked me rigid when I was introduced to him and he told me that his Company, which was one of the most powerful in the World, displayed its first Recruitment Ad saying ‘We welcome any creed, colour or gender, as long as you can do the Job’. This was back in the 1950s when women were expected to stay at home and look after the kids – but this revolutionary thinking gave birth to one of the most successful companies in the USA, and he believes that it was this diverse thinking was a huge part of its growth.

Women at Boardroom level is still a minority, with a lot of women resigning at around 35 after having kids, finding it too much of a strain, with the lack of support from employers being another factor as part of the statistic.

It has been proven that the presence of women at board level is a huge advantage, with female energy being identified as a positive amongst the abundance of male testosterone.

For those of us who are struggling with the constant juggling act of having a young family and forging a career, there are some brilliant organisations springing up in support of women who want to carry on working or change career, perhaps having had an idea or aspiration to set up their own business these may support and encourage you to do just that. and are two that I would highly recommend, and have advice, ways of developing and monetising your idea or existing company.

On the positive side, many women have found having kids has spurred them on to set up their own business or even their own franchise to enable them to work from home, so that they can take part in the school run and be there when their kids come home from school.

We met the founder of an excellent organisation called Creation Station, who we will be interviewing shortly. Sarah Cressall has built her successful franchise whilst bringing up her three sons, with support from her husband, who is also working full time. So she is a living example of making it against the odds. Check it out on – it is an incredible Company with arts and crafts lessons and children’s’ parties and entertainers.


So we can see that both single parents and those with partners who are happy to share the child care to give them a chance for equality can seize exciting opportunities if they are willing to push the boundaries.

But why does it have to be so hard for women? It does seem that we take one step forward and several in the opposite direction where equal pay is concerned. I do feel that it was a great move forward however and extremely revealing, to learn about the recent pay discrepancy within our most revered public institution, which has confirmed that we still have a long way to go to bridge the gender pay gap. More on that subject coming soon on

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