Cookalong Pancakes With Reza Mahammad This Shrove Tuesday

Cookalong Pancakes With Reza Mahammad This Shrove Tuesday

Reza is best known as the flamboyant and highly entertaining TV chef, with an encyclopedic knowledge of Indian food. He has received high praise for his last three Food Network series Reza’s African Kitchen and Reza, Spice Prince of India and Reza, Spice Prince of Thailand/Spice Prince of Vietnam.

He has made recent appearances on BBC’s The One Show as guest chef and judge for the UK Food and Farming Awards and guest chefs for ITV’s This Morning.
The British Curry Awards awarded Reza the special recognition award 2015 for his contribution to the UK curry industry.
Reza’s Indian Spice was published with Quadrille to much acclaim, winning 2nd prize in the Gourmand World Cookbook awards (Indian section) and Editor’s Pick in The Bookseller. Drawing from his encyclopaedic knowledge of Indian food, Reza combines Indian and Western flavours to stunning effect, delivered in his informal, humorous style.
Reza cut his televisual teeth on Flavours of India in 1993/4 but he really came into his own as co-presenter with Sanjeev Bhaskar on Delhi Belly in 2001 for UKTV. The much talked-about series is still being repeated on air to this day and has lost none of its popularity. In 2002 Channel 4 came looking for the next big star for their hugely popular series A Place in France and found it in Reza Mahammad. This resulted in the completion of the next two series,A Place in France II and III. Reza’s relationship with UKTV resumed with Coconut Coast in 2003 and was followed by United States of Reza in 2004.
Reza has a wealth of experience on the food festival circuit, headlining most recently at The Good Food and Wine Shows Durban, Cape Town, Jo’burg, Kuwait Food Festival, The Taste of Dubai, Taste of Abu Dhabi, Leicester Food Festival, Russia Food Festival as well as BBC Good Food Shows. He is scheduled to make appearances at the Fantastic British Food Festivals this year.

Below you will find all the ingredients needed to follow Reza at home for his delicious recipe for
‘Ricotta pancakes with spiced red and golden plums’

Follow along with Reza in this exclusive video

Ingredients                                      Serves 4

250g ricotta cheese
2 eggs separated plus I whole egg
25g unsalted butter melted plus more for frying
40g sugar
½ tsp vanilla paste/extract
finely grated zest of 2 oranges
50g plain flour

For the spiced plum compote

250ml water
225g caster sugar ( add 25g more if the plums are not too ripe and sharp)
3 star anise
Juice of 2 oranges
½ tbsp finely grated ginger
¼ tsp salt
200g ripe red plums cut into halves remove the stone then cut into wedges
200g ripe golden plums do the same as the red plums
A squeeze of lemon juice optional  (if the plums are very sweet)

Reza has a highly regarded cookery school in South West France, Chez Cartier, where he teaches and hosts international clients, showcasing his vast repertoire of cuisines and flavours.

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New Release – Jaffa Moore – Photograph

New Release – Jaffa Moore – Photograph

He’s the Godson of Frank Sinatra, and the son of the legendary James Bond actor, Roger Moore.

The name’s Moore…….Jaffa Moore

The Brand-New Album “PHOTOGRAPH” – Out Now

Featuring the Single

YOU AND I (with Naya Rivera) + Nile Rodgers

Video –

A percentage of proceeds to be donated to UNICEF

Photograph is the new album by Jaffa Moore, featuring the single You and I. Jaffa is better known as Geoffrey Moore, son of the legendary actor Roger Moore.

Geoffrey recorded the single with the late singer and actor, Naya Rivera, and the accompanying music video includes guest appearances from a host of stars including Michael Caine, Joan Collins, Liam Neeson, JJ Abrams, Piers Morgan, Graham Norton, Joanna Lumley, Stephen Fry, Natalie Dormer, Naveen Andrews, Will Poulter, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Paris Hilton plus many more all in tribute to Roger Moore.

Geoffrey first started working in the entertainment industry in 1973, when he appeared as a child actor in the film Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a musical starring Kirk Douglas and Susan George. This was followed by Sherlock Holmes In New York in 1976, working alongside his father and John Huston. In total, he has worked on 14 films, and produced Roger Moore’s final movie, The Saint.

As a musician, he secured his first record deal with EMI, working with Mike Rutherford of Genesis, and with Warner Brothers.

In 1999, he founded the successful restaurant chain, Hush of Mayfair. He appeared weekly on ITV’s morning television, and with Gordon Ramsey on his Hell’s Kitchen show.

In 2004 Geoffrey partnered with American filmmaker William J. MacDonald and together they acquired the intellectual property rights to The Saint.

In 2010 he worked alongside his brother Christian at TV7, one of the largest networks based in Eastern Europe.

In 2017 he wrote and produced And the Winner Isn’t which was shortlisted for an Academy Award.

Instagram –

Twitter –

Facebook –



I have met a multitude of psychics over the years, and had a variety of readings, but when I met June Field, I knew I had been introduced to a medium and spiritual healer more tuned in, empathetic and extraordinary than any other.

It is not surprising that June has been voted the ‘World’s Best Psychic’ when she worked with the police a few years ago in the Ukraine to find a killer of young women.  June not only described the murderer, but was accurate about his tattoos and body piercings, which led the police to arrest and sentence him.

June was then successful in winning a competition, out of 70k other psychics, judged by Uri Geller, who was astounded by her psychic abilities, and proclaimed he had never seen such accuracy in any medium he had ever encountered.

June is alsothe GO TO psychic to the stars and here are just a few of the famous faces she had conducted personal readings for

Hugh Grant
Damian Lewis
Gary & Gemma Numan
Susan Boyle
Judy Murray

Check out for more.

Such praise indeed, but as I am ever the sceptic, decided to try to have a reading with June myself, and come to my own conclusion. 

We met over zoom in the pandemic, and June conducted her reading without knowing anything about me at all.  The first thing she described was a crisis I was going through with my family, and how it would be resolved, giving me remarkable insight into what was happening at the time.  Many details that even my nearest and dearest were not party to, and it literally caught me off guard, and I was astounded by her spiritual intelligence.

I then dropped my armour and started listening.  June spent time with me and didn’t seem to be anxious to leave after the time was up, unlike so many other psychics I had experienced.   I felt listened to and supported by June, and knew I was in the presence of a rare soul who was there for the greater good.

I then attended a weekend course alongside other psychics who wanted to learn from June.  It began with an evening of psychic mediumship where she connects and receives information from those who have passed over.  I had never experienced one before and was literally blown away by her ability to pinpoint certain members of the audience and give them messages from relatives and friends who had passed both recently and a long time ago. 

I questioned June as to why I was there as I had never wanted to develop my psychic abilities, but she said it would put me on my right path.  By the end of the two days, I was seeing ‘orbs’ as June taught us to ‘tune in’ – a bit like a television was how she described it.

When I returned home I did indeed feel that something had fundamentally changed as June had predicted, and was a lot clearer about the direction I wanted to take, but that is another story for another time. 

If you want a reading with June Field please click the link to her website.

A Diamond Adventure for Life

A Diamond Adventure for Life

If you are thinking of buying a piece of memorable jewellery for your loved one or even yourself, I have to tell you about a recent discovery I made when attending the Children with Cancer Ball recently at the Grosvenor House in London’s West End.  The purchase of an exclusive diamond caught my attention at the auction, as it had been donated by to help raise funds for the Charity. is one of the leading diamond jewellery providers in the UK.  A family run business, where owners Clive and his son Luke go the extra mile to provide an exclusive service to all of their customers, at whatever level of purchase.

Clive & Luke

In 2009 Clive turned down the highest-ever offer made on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den at the time. James Caan, Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones were keen to get involved, but Clive and Luke felt it was not a good enough offer and refused their proposal.  After that there was no turning back for this outstanding Company, and with huge numbers of five star reviews and years of expertise under their belt, they really do offer a first stellar service to their customers.

I have already experienced their expertise first hand just by submitting a very rough sketch of what I wanted, and within 24 hours a prototype was presented to me on a video link in 3D. 

The Sketch
The 3d Render

It was remarkable, and it is as if I had designed my own jewellery.  All of the staff are so friendly, and nothing is too much trouble.  It is quite an exceptional and unforgettable experience, and I really would love everyone to try it.  The prices are reasonable too.   I would highly recommend 

Clive and Luke are in agreement – ‘We use our skill and contact and we promise you a unique shopping experience, unquestionable value, remarkable product quality and amazing choice. The average diamond passes through 11 pairs of hands from source to consumer, we have reduced that journey down to just 2 to 4 middle men. Masters of CAD and 3D print is one of TrustPilot’s highest rated jewellers.’

You are most welcome to talk to father, Clive or son Luke at any time. Indeed, any of the specialist team who are on hand to provide all the help and guidance you need, without obligation.

Simply pick up the phone and dial 01451 810595

Series 2 of Nub TV is coming to Sky TV starting 8th November

Series 2 of Nub TV is coming to Sky TV starting 8th November

Back by popular demand… Nub TV

The first series got rave reviews, a cult following and tens of thousands of viewers from all over the UK for its bold and honest approach to investigating the paranormal.

The show is presented by Mark Christopher Lee from the indie band The Pocket Gods and Guy Thompson from electro pop band The Boy From Space.

As well as featuring the best new music videos the guys interview their favourite UFO and paranormal experts about the weirdest subjects out there.

Series 2 of Nub TV is coming to Sky TV Channel 186 (Ayozat) on Tuesdays at 9pm from 8th November!  

Trailer –  

It’s a mad mix of the paranormal, new music and UFOs.
Series 2 Highlights –
The first series got rave reviews, a cult following and tens of thousands of viewers from all over the UK for its bold and honest approach to investigating the paranormal.

“A bizarre mix of music, conspiracies and the paranormal, pushing the boundaries of TV.” – The I newspaper  “Cult classic TV” – The Daily Star  

The show is presented by Mark Christopher Lee from the indie band The Pocket Gods and Guy Thompson from electro pop band The Boy From Space.

As well as featuring the best new music videos the guys interview their favourite UFO and paranormal experts about the weirdest subjects out there.  

Guests include the world’s leading UFO expert Nick Pope and also actor John Altman (EastEnders’s Nick Cotton) talking about his ghostly experiences.

More controversial moments in this series include a scene where Guy and Mark consider contacting the recently deceased Queen on a Ouija board!  

Highlights include: EastEnders’s Nasty Nick (John Altman) talking about the night he stayed in a haunted hotel and woke up with his bed shaking furiously and an orb floating above him opening up a portal to another dimension!  

Ex UK MOD’s Nick Pope talks about King Charles’ interest in UFOs and the possibility of opening the British X Files!  

We also reveal the truth about TikTok time travellers, the English Bigfoot stalking Surrey’s Box Hill and a chat with BAFTA award winning filmmaker David Rolfe, who is convinced that the Turin Shroud is the real burial cloth of Jesus and has issued a £1 million challenge to be proved that it’s a fake!

Author Neil Nixon also chats about the UFO experiences both Elvis & John Lennon had, plus Matty Blake, one of the stars of the hit TV show, The Curse Of Oak Island – the world’s longest treasure hunt, who gives us the lowdown on the new series.  

Alongside, we have music from Kick Pistol, Bicycle, The Pocket Gods, Determinated and John Altman!  

Episode Guide:
Episode 1 – Haunted Houses – with guest actor John Altman
Episode 2 – First Contact – with guest UFO expert and ex MOD – Nick Pope
Episode 3 – The Turin Shroud Is Real -with guest BAFTA winning film-maker David Rolfe
Episode 4 – Weird Rock And Roll – with guest author Neil Nixon
Episode 5 – TikTok Time Travel – with guest Australian broadcaster – Plastic EP
Episode 6 – English Bigfoot – with guest Bigfoot researcher Andy McGrath
Episode 7 – The Curse Of Oak Island – with star of The Curse Of Oak Island Tv show – Matty Blake

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