A New year resolution – Celebrity Beauty Blogger Debbie Arnold ‘legs’ it into 2020 – in hot pursuit of Carole Middleton!

A New year resolution – Celebrity Beauty Blogger Debbie Arnold ‘legs’ it into 2020 – in hot pursuit of Carole Middleton!

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We all know that New Year resolutions are frequently broken – but by going public I will have to go through with mine … and it’s not about losing weight, giving up drinking or anything as simple as that.

My 2020 New Year resolution is to be seen in a bikini on the beach this year – to have the confidence to pull it off with style and grace and without any wobbly bits!

The reason for this dramatic and rather public outburst is yes….. Carole Middleton. She is gorgeous! The pictures of her in the media last week – on the beach with Pippa wearing a bikini – are nothing more than sensational!

So how does Carole do it? Not one ounce of fat, no cellulite and no old skin!! She’s older than me too, and I’m sure it’s to do with being an ex BA air hostess. My friend Jacky was also cabin crew, and she has the same incredible figure… maybe it’s all those flights at 50,000 feet?….but more than that it is the discipline that they have, which helps them look as good as they do.

So as I am comparing notes, my daughter Ciara Janson is stick like too, and a mental picture of her and I together on the beach would look more like Beauty and the cellulite Beast! So I actually owe it to myself to get into shape and look as fit and fabulous as I can.

The thing is, my legs have never looked that good. Not even as a teenager. From the knees down mine are very shapely but knees up not a pretty sight. To have smooth shapely legs are a passport to looking younger and sexier….so that is my mission.
So I began my investigation and yes, there is help to be had, and there are some amazing experts out there who can give us a helping hand in the leg department.

There are tons of non-invasive treatments that are available at good cosmetic clinics in the UK- with thermarge, ultherapy, cool sculpting… the list continues. I will certainly begin by badgering my good friend Lesley Reynolds, at Harley Street Skin Clinic to assist me with my ultimate challenge. Lesley is the Queen of cosmetic sculpting, and I know I am in safe hands with her and at this superb clinic.

‘The Leg Doctor’ Dr Jean-Marc Chardonneau is apparently an excellent ‘leg’ expert. Ladies have been known to pay up to £15k to be cellulite free and vein-free, but worry not, for just £800 he can do cryolipolysis for fat knees, ankles and thighs. This involves freezing fat cells which the body then re-absorbs and expels and for a mere £450, he can do a radio frequency treatment which stimulates collagen production to firm the skin. (I’m sure Carole knows him but perhaps she just has good jeans (genes!).
Somehow I will get those legs – I will eat good healthy food – I will endure some weird treatments – I will exercise – I will moisturise, brush and exfoliate. I vow I’ll do anything! Those legs will be mine and I will share the journey with you! So thank you Carole Middleton and watch this space as I ‘leg it’ into 2020.




Debbie x



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Announcing the 2020  Ramsgate International Film and TV Festival

Announcing the 2020 Ramsgate International Film and TV Festival

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The Ramsgate International Film and TV Festival is now celebrating its fourth year, thanks to the passion of its founder Sylvie Bolioli and the support of local businesses and the community who relish the importance of the creative industries, with Film and Television being a huge part their cultural appetite, and runs from the 11th to the 14th June 2020.

Sylvie is of French origin, but after falling in love with Ramsgate several years ago, decided to put down roots and make it home.  She has remained there ever since.

Ramsgate has already built its reputation as a stunning resort with its Royal Harbour being the central location for many film and television programmes over the years.  It is also being heralded as a creative hub for local artistry, and so it has already created its Karma for prominence time and time again.

As the Festival has developed, so has its followers – film makers and spectators are coming from all over the Globe, knowing they are taking part in history as the Ramsgate Film and Television Festival spreads its wings for the third year running.

The iconic Actor Brenda Blethyn, whose most recent role is the much loved Vera in the detective series of that name is the Patron, and so strong is her belief that she is behind Sylvie’s determination to build it into the most important multi-platform film festival in the South of England and she will help her take it to the next level.

GloTIME.tv is now working in collaboration with the Festival, in supporting emerging creative talent, and awards are in place to honour up and coming Actors, Directors, Writers and Film Makers, who could go on to make a mark within the industry.

Film submissions have been received from around the Globe with successful entrants representing countries including Australia, Brazil, Iran, Martinique, Philippines, South Africa and Taiwan as well the more established film-related European nations and the North American continent.

Screenings are scheduled throughout the four days duration, as well as talks and seminars from artists and Industry Professionals, and a variety of educational submissions from the local schools as a result of competitions run prior to the Festival.

Andy Mayson, who was on the jury panel in 2017, gave a talk on Distribution in the Era of Multimedia at the 2019 festival. Andy is joint CEO of Altitude, one of the leading production companies and distributors in the UK. He produced Big Game (starring Samuel L Jackson) and exec produced a plethora of films, including Whitney, Kill Your Friends, and Get Santa. Altitude also has the knack to pick Oscar- winning films, such as 20 Feet From Stardom, Amy Winehouse and Moonlight. In his career, Andy Mayson also worked with Working Title Films, including credits on Four Weddings and a Funeral and La Vie en Rose, with Icon among others.

There was also a retrospective dedicated to Ken Loach and Rebecca O’Brien during the week prior to the festival, together with the attribution of a Lifetime Achievement Award. Festival Patron Brenda Blethyn, the BAFTA, Globe and Cannes Best Actress and Oscar nominee, will again select the Best First Feature Film. Brenda will be joined by fellow jury members Dee Anderson (Thunderbirds), Julie Forsyth (Grant & Forsyth), Jan Dunn (BIFA winner), Simon Young (International Shorts), Stephen Frost and Tracy Russell (Leave Now).

It seems that the slogan ‘if you build it people will come’ has reached fruition, and all the hard work and commitment from Sylvie is paying off as we embark again on Ramsgate’s biggest and most exciting cultural adventure – The Ramsgate Film and TV Festival 2020. 11th to the 14th June 2020


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