We have recently been introduced to this spectacular new magazine called EQUAL by the King of Introductions, Richard Selwyn-Barnett (see recent article).

EQUAL is published online and also as a magnificent high end journal that you can read and keep, showcasing Fashion, Art, Culture, and Music with a heavy emphasis upon diversity and uniqueness.

The charming and down to earth Shelley Rodgers, who is at the helm of EQUAL lives in a sleepy coastal village in between Dublin and Belfast with her musician partner Kieran Sherry and her daughter Maya.

Her stunning photography is shot through her own creative eye and embraces all aspects of our Planet and its people, from sub-cultures to those who have been excluded, with a particular emphasis upon the environment with cruelty free makeup, recycled jewellery and eco fashion.

EQUAL is also the perfect platform to promote both established and up and coming artists to showcase their work while also nurturing their talent.  They have live fashion shows in iconic and historic buildings.  Their most recent was held in Belfast Castle in February of this year, where they presented artists like Skyler Jett (the Commodores) with a life time achievement award for his career in music and other emerging creatives.

On Saturday 19th October at Belfast Castle there will be another ‘alternative’ fashion show with live music and a captivating catwalk featuring some stunning new designs like the new Bruno Tilley collection of T shirts, models from the LGBT community and those with severe injuries – the physically challenged.

Our very own Dee Anderson will be walking the catwalk and modelling a jean jacket in glittering Swarovski crystal, which has been designed by Rachel and Dean Mayhook, and their son Josh at

Dee will be performing her new song written especially for EQUAL entitled ‘You are Unique”.

Ticket sales will be announced in the next few weeks – watch this space and keep a close eye on EQUAL magazine.


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I consider myself to be a ‘feminist’ – I have always loved being a woman, embraced the Goddess and unashamedly used every feminine wile in the book.  So why have do some of us have a problem with International Women’s Day?

As many of you know from documented accounts of my family’s legacy, my Grandfather was one of the first registered bare knuckle fighters at The Ring in London’s Blackfriars in the 1920s, and yet I regard him as one of the biggest ‘feminists’ at a time when females were constrained to the Kitchen.

Sid ‘Tiger’ Thomas was one generation apart from me, but taught his offspring how to box, how to stand up for ourselves in a male dominated environment and that there were no limits to what we could achieve.

As a result of this confidence to have this freedom, my Mother Sylvia Anderson went on to become a pioneer for women in television, having created characters and storylines for iconic TV whilst surrounded by a male team.  They were indeed hungry for her contribution and talent as they lacked her vision and creativity, but less able to give her the ultimate credit at the time, as women were not always celebrated.

I have always been my own person, taking risks and pursuing my own passions in spite of gender barriers and have encouraged my daughter and now granddaughter to do the same.

So why do some of us feel triggered to dispute the rhetoric of a day which celebrate an entire gender.  Perhaps it is its own PR which can be deemed as both political and gender biased.

‘After the Socialist Party of America organized a Women’s Day on February 28, 1909 in New York, the 1910 International Socialist Woman’s Conference suggested a Women’s Day be held annually. After women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia in 1917, March 8 became a national holiday there. The day was then predominantly celebrated by the socialist movement and communist countries until it was adopted in 1975 by the United Nations.’

But if we look beyond the narrative – perhaps we can deploy our own interpretation and pay homage, not just to the suffragettes, but the women who have silently fought our corner, in both in our own environment and far reaching realms of our Planet – some of whom still do not have a voice, but are an integral part of the fabric of their society, and soldier on regardless without rights or recognition for their own talents or achievements.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in the United States, record numbers of women march along 5th Avenue, past a banner that reads ”Women of the World Unite!’, New York, New York, August 26, 1970. (Photo by Fred W. McDarrah/Getty Images)


This is why I will always celebrate International Women’s Day, and would encourage us all to do the same.

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We had the time of our lives on Saturday 1 December 2018 as we launched The Silver Screen Ball at Pinewood Studios, the legendary and iconic venue, famous for 80 years of stardom and movie magic.

Dee Anderson

This will be the first of many, due to the success of the event and the feedback we have received from our guests ‘

I just want to say thanks for all your help, I had a great time last night. I got the chance to talk to Thomas Sangster. It was the best day of my life. Thank you so much.  If this event is going on next year, I’d definitely want to be there again. International guest at the event.

I just wanted to thank you both so much. I had the best time and I was so glad to be a part of your wonderful evening. Victoria Jarnefelt, Hassium

Stephen Dixon & Liz Kershaw (Sky News)

On behalf of all my guests, I would just like to say what a wonderful event and a massive thanks to all in making it such a success. The switch to the evening was a hit with us and we love the venue. A great time was had by all and for me kicked off the Christmas season superbly. Mike Mills, Castelli UK

What an amazing night! Our table had a ball in a lovely setting for a good cause so a big well done to you, Dee and all those involved in organising the event. Our friend, Mike, who ‘won’ Parker already has him on display in his shopfront. Ranjiv Bhalla, Veenus

Thanks for a fab evening and the photos. We had a laugh especially with the dancing. It was lovely to meet you and chat. Phil Howell, Turmerlicious

Cass Lewis (Skunk Anansie)

We all had a wonderful evening, so thank you for all the hard work done to make it a success. Chris Keeble, Pharma Medico

What can we say, it was the most amazing evening, we cannot remember the last time we enjoyed such an evening, it was perfect in every way, we met so many lovely people. You have all worked so hard and it paid off, WELL DONE. Judith Burrows, Jackloc

Christian Vit (Game of Thrones, Holby City)

Thank you for all of your wonderful organisation – it was a stunning and truly memorable event – Mike Parker, Dating Options

I just wanted to send a personal thanks to you all for your support again this year and for putting such hard work into organising a fantastic ball on Saturday evening. I had a really great time and I hope the guests enjoyed hearing about how their generous donations make a difference to GOSH and the hospital’s projects. Jonathan Tebble, GOSH

Maureen Lipman (Coronation Street)

We had a huge line up of celebrities too, from Maureen Lipman, Anthea Turner, Debbie Arnold, Christian Vit, Thomas Brodie Sangster, Cass Lewis, Liz Kershaw and Stephen Dixon to name but a few.

Thomas Brodie-Sansger (Games of Thrones, Maze Runner) with his sister & mum

Our celebrity singer Jack Montgomery entertained us throughout the evening, and we all danced the night away into the early hours.

Anthea Turner

Many tables have already been booked for 7 December 2019 when we will host our second Silver Screen Ball, again at the legendary Pinewood Studios. Contact us for details.

see here for more photos from the event

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