As part of our Women who Influence series, we speak with Doctor Lesley Phillips about juggling family and career and running her successful craft company THE SOAP KITCHEN.

Lesley casts her mind back to those early days, when her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, how she urged her to continue with her medical studies, and her brave life choices along the way.

To be honest and to dig deep there is one huge part of my life’s journey that has affected me. I was unfortunate to lose my mother when I was 21. This was very hard at a time in my life when I was at medical school in the midst of my fourth year. 

She wouldn’t let me take time off my studies during her terminal illness as she wanted me to succeed, it was difficult but the right decision and I respected it. Obviously I would go home when I could and regularly spent time with her before her death. I know she was proud but worried about me being a doctor and the sacrifices I would have to make. She thought that this sacrifice would be a family life. Herself and my grandmother hadn’t been able to pursue a career like many of both their generations because of family commitments which was more of a barrier then. I think I have moved that forward like a lot of women of my generation and you can do both if that is what works for you. 

My daughters are her only grandchildren and I do know I would give anything for her to have known them. People of my age who still have their mothers are finding they are getting elderly now and that does bring problems. I consider them lucky to have had that time and that relationship over many years which is priceless. I know there is pressure on women to keep youthful but having the privilege to remain healthy and be able to age gracefully should never be taken for granted

If you cast your mind back to when you first heard of the concept of your new creative hobby/business, which is now THE SOAP KITCHEN, what aspect of it attracted you the most? 

I was attracted by the fact that this was a craft based business. I have always loved making things and started sewing when I was around 5 years old. My parents used to smoke before the dangers were fully known and gave me a catalogue to choose anything I liked from the vouchers out of the cigarette packets. I chose my first sewing machine. I learnt to knit at a young age too. Everyone in my immediate family got handmade gifts for Christmas, whether they liked it or not! I used to love going to the annual flower festivals and fetes in the village and buying handmade items out of my pocket money. I remember also helping at a local event in the village when I was about 15. I had made some things to sell. I was on a stall next to a local artist. He was so impressed that he gave me three of his original illustrations as a reward for my efforts. I went on to organise my own craft sale outside our house to raise money for charity. 

So I suppose the concept in the infancy of the business reconnected me with a passion for craft. I hadn’t had time for being creative over the previous years due to being at medical school and then the long hours working as a qualified doctor. We spent time researching what was available for soap making by visiting large hobby and craft exhibitions which rekindled my interest in creativity. 

Were you at a stage when you were looking to change some aspect of your life, or did it take you by surprise? 

At this point I had just had my second child and me and my husband felt that we wanted more freedom to be ourselves with more flexibility in our lives. I was working as a full time GP by then, leaving home before my daughter was awake and getting home when she was in bed. I started to question who I was doing this for ? I didn’t want to miss out on her childhood. I had a lot of responsibility for a large number of patients in my NHS practice. After a 15 year full time career in the NHS we make a difficult decision and decided to relocate to North Devon where we had bought and renovated two cottages ( another story in that we also ran a property development company at that time). We loved going there and each time coming back home felt such a wrench. The eldest daughter was due to go to secondary school so we had a window of opportunity for her to start in a North Devon school at the right time. 

I had also had an unusual encounter with one of my patients sometime before this. During one of my consultations with her, she suddenly took my hands and held them tight. She looked me straight in the eye and said to me, you will leave this practice and this place. She told me she was clairvoyant, she said don’t worry about it, it will be for a good reason and it will be the right decision. I was quite taken aback as my plans at that time were for a long commitment to the practice and I had a large mortgage to pay. I have to say being very practical I wouldn’t have been that open minded about her claims. I didn’t say much and just finished the consultation as I would have done normally. Maybe in some way she gave me permission to let go and put myself and my family first when I needed to. I do sometimes wonder how she is. She did say good bye at our last meeting before I left with an ‘I told you so’ look that said it all, it was quite special. 

Why did you call it the Soap Kitchen? Such an innovative name. 

We were playing with words one evening and as there was no other such business in the UK at the time had a pretty much free reign with choosing the name. We thought The Soap Kitchen portrayed the message that making soap was something that could be easily done in the kitchen using basic utensils. My husband designed the logo with a ladle to reinforce the brand and the message. It isn’t a difficult craft and in a way is akin to baking, it is crucial to have the right ingredients weighed and measured and follow a recipe. Natural soap making is our core product but we now supply ingredients to make all sorts of toiletries and beauty products. Bath bombs are particularly popular and easy to make but we have also expanded to provide candle making supplies as our fragrances and essential oils are suitable for both. 

Was it tough for you in the beginning, juggling family with a new business and a high powered career.

It was really tough at the beginning when we first moved. To start with foot and mouth hit the area soon after we moved to North Devon which had a devastating effect on the local community. We had decided that we weren’t going to use a childminder as we had in the south east so we juggled childcare as well as work. I ended up working more weekends than ever before doing markets and craft stalls which was enjoyable but not that profitable. I also had to establish myself as a locum GP in surgeries that didn’t know me. I was finding that local GP surgeries demanded me being on call which was something I had hoped I had left behind, the most stressful part of the job. Locum work was not as well paid as it had been in the south east so I helped set up a locum group to address this issue. I met some lovely locum GP colleagues who were very supportive. I was offered two part time GP jobs but it meant a commitment to a partnership again so I declined however tempting the income was. 

I decided to get myself trained to do occupational health assessments so that I could have more flexibility in my medical work. We were lucky in that my parents in law live in the area too and enjoyed having my youngest daughter who was still pre-school to help out. She had a lovely time, going to the beach most weeks with them and exploring the area. 

Did you have a vision for the business, and did you ever imagine it would grow into such a successful business. 

There was never a long term plan for the business and I think if someone told us then how much we would grow I would have thought they were joking. I would have fallen off my chair I think. I had some experience of running a business as GP partnerships are self- employed businesses and employ their own ancillary staff with the responsibility that entails. These skills have been very helpful as we have taken on more and more employees over the years as we have grown. 

In more recent years with the support of our staff we have been able to go to international trade events for the cosmetic industry and have been overwhelmed by the reception we have received as we are now well established and a known brand. 

Do you think it is you and your husband’s passion for the Soap Kitchen that has driven it, and do you need that commitment for a creative industry to thrive. 

We both have continued passion for the business and continually embrace change and move forward, there is no room for complacency in business. As well as passion in the early stages there were hours of unpaid work and meticulous attention to detail. Being honest to the core beliefs and being prepared to say no as necessary when ideas are not compatible. You can’t be half hearted and the way you present a creative business needs have an identity and originality. It’s own story needs to be told and it needs to be honest. We have always listened to customers and over the years have built up a huge network of suppliers to meet their needs. We make sure that we can deliver all the latest beauty trends and quality ingredients in quantities and prices that suit our customer base. We have also made sure we are always ahead of the game as regards to ecommerce. Looking forward, being mindful of SEO and ever changing demand of the internet. We manage the website in house and upload all the products and keep the website fresh. We provide excellent customer service and our staff are proud to have a Feefo 5 star gold award. We have had this two years running since we started using the service to get validated customer reviews. 

Were there times when you had to really struggle. 

There were many times when I struggled through this journey. Giving up the security of a GP partnership and relocating your family to different schools is a leap into the unknown. Basically we reinvented ourselves and took charge of our lives and future. We always had my career to fall back on and when times were tough I had to go out and get any extra money we needed. That was very hard and stressful but I have managed to juggle my career. I am still a practising doctor with GMC revalidation and maintain my CPD ( Continued Professional Development). My career now spans 32 years and apart from a few months maternity leave with my two daughters I have never had a career break. 

Do you still love the business and would you have made other choices if you had the opportunity again?

I still love the business and am proud of what we have achieved. We are spreading the passion to our employees and try to choose staff that can identify with our core values. We still steer the business but respect the input of our team as they do the day to day running of the business. Given the same opportunity I would make the same choices. The question I often ask myself is whether I would have chosen medicine as a career. It is such hard work and dampened the creativity I had from an early age. I still have a passion for textiles and in another life I would pursue a career involving creativity from the outset. My sewing teacher told my parents that I was very talented at a parents evening but in those days if you were scientifically minded probably like now that would be seen as the sensible option so I dropped the subject at school. It never occurred to me that I could make a living out of something I loved to do as a hobby. This is now given out readily as sound career advice, choose something you are passionate about as you are more likely to succeed. 

Medicine however has given me the power to change my life and the skills and professionalism to succeed in business. It has also been humbling to have the opportunity to help people in times of need and make a difference to their lives. 

Who do you feel are your core customers and why? 

Our core customers are women aged 30 to 50 years. We don’t however stereotype as it is great to have customers of all ages and there are now an increasing amount of men getting on board with natural beauty and male grooming. A lot of our customers seek us out as they are fed up with large corporations marketing products that contain unnecessary chemicals that are not skin friendly. It is akin to concerns about the food we eat. Customers demand to know what they are using and want to do the best for their skin. As well as hobbyists we also supply businesses. We have been there and done it ourselves so understand the challenges and the regulations. We have a tiered price system that includes discounts for larger quantities to cater for this customer base. Also now 30% of our business is to Europe and the wider world. We have a lot of customers in Scandinavia which is interesting, there is a large home crafting culture in these countries like the UK. 

Like other businesses we are concerned about the effects of Brexit and do not want to see any barriers to trade. 

Do you now have the lifestyle you have dreamed about? 

I would say I do and I am very lucky. We have a lovely house in a beautiful location. We own our own warehouse and have a thriving niche ecommerce business. We have a 5 minute commute to work and can see the sea and countryside en-route. 

Our daughters are grown up and both live in Bristol and consider Devon their home rather than Kent where they were born. We often see them and it is lovely when we do. I think the only thing that is different than the dream is the amount of work we still do. You can’t take your finger off the pulse in business. I am still committed to my medical career and dedicate at least one day a week to this. 

We are just busy people and remain focused on our vision and it is hard to let go and maybe it is not quite the time to do so. 

We are starting to have more breaks and doing a more travelling so that we see a bit more of the world. Part of the dream was spending time enjoying the area and I would like to visit more local places and explore Dartmoor and Exmoor properly. Perhaps we need to give ourselves permission to have time for this on a regular basis and not feel guilty for it. 

Check out the full range of products at https://www.thesoapkitchen.co.uk/

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TV Presenter Anthea Turner Aims to Stay Super Fit in a Drive for Healthier Bones

TV Presenter Anthea Turner Aims to Stay Super Fit in a Drive for Healthier Bones


Fitness loving celebrity reveals her bone health scare and how she aims to continue her busy lifestyle and media career with the help of LithoLexal®‘s marine calcium product.

As a life-long advocate of health and fitness who has regularly exercised three to four times a week, taken a generic calcium supplement and eaten a healthy diet – television celebrity Anthea Turner doesn’t fit the stereotype of someone at risk of bone fractures and developing osteoporosis. However, the much-loved star, who has just turned 58 and shot to fame on Blue Peter and GMTV, has recently revealed she is at risk of developing the condition. In response, she has started a new regime and promotional campaign with bone health specialists, LithoLexal®, whose calcium products contain a more bioavailable form of the mineral, compared to less effective rock-based supplements. Turner is keen to highlight the hidden bone risks to otherwise very fit and healthy women – while also showing that the condition can be managed with the right support.
Furthermore, the star continues to enjoy a busy media career and she intends to do so while maintaining vibrant health and fitness.

Anthea’s Surprising Relationship with LithoLexal® Bone Health Brand Highlights Risk to Fit & Healthy Women

When Anthea Turner was approached by bone health specialists, LithoLexal®, as a potential brandambassador, the star reveals that she was unsure whether she was the ideal match. Indeed, having spent the last thirty years exercising and sticking to a healthy diet, she didn’t expect herself to be at risk of osteoporosis or bone fractures.  However, having talked to LithoLexal®‘s experts, who explained the fact that genetics, ageing, low BMI, menopausal changes, lack of sunlight and poorly-absorbed calcium supplements are among the chief factors that can affect bone integrity, Anthea was encouraged to undergo a DEXA bone scan to analyse her risk. And the results startled Anthea, who was found to have the condition of osteopenia (the precursor to osteoporosis), in her spine and hip: “As someone with a life-long passion for healthy eating, exercise and well-being, finding out my bone density was pre-osteoporotic was a bit of a shock.”  Following the scan, Anthea agreed to a challenge – team-up with the brand and supplement her diet with LithoLexal® Bone Health Osteoporotic – before having follow-up bone scans periodically. Worldwide, one in three women over 50 will experience osteoporotic fractures, as will one in five men.

Anthea Turner – Fitness for Life & Celebrity Status

 In addition to increasing the awareness of bone risks to the general public and hoping to reduce her own risk of osteoporosis, Anthea has another big reason to link-up with one of the world’s leading bone health brands – her life-long passion for exercise and her career in which looking and feeling a million dollars, is essential.

Indeed, having been in the spotlight for over 30 years, as a TV presenter, interiors expert and writer, Anthea has no plans to slow down, with recent stints on ITV’s Lorraine, This Morning, Celebrity Antiques Hunt and a plan to appear on Blue Peter’s 60th birthday anniversaries, all illustrating the star’s passion for work is as strong as ever.

Anthea puts her zest down to her passion for fitness and well-being, something she’s had a life-long interest in – illustrated by the success of her ‘Y Plan Fitness’ video, which sold over one million units and lead to other releases including ‘Body Basics’ and ‘Tone, Lift & Condition’. The star of the highly acclaimed BBC series Perfect Housewife says that, at age 58, she still performs Pilates, ballet as well as weight training twice a week; her appearance at the recent The Asian Awards 2018 in London, in a figure-hugging pink sequinned dress, belied her age by decades. Which is why the DEXA scan revealed a hidden health risk that the star is intent on fighting with the help of LithoLexal®: “I feel fantastic and don’t look or feel my age, but my DEXA scan shows that bone loss is a silent health issue that could have a dramatic impact on my life left undetected and untreated. After talking to the expert team at LithoLexal®, it was enlightening to hear that a simple supplement ritual can naturally help protect and hopefully increase my bone density when I get another scan after six months.”

LithoLexal®‘s range of bone health supplements contain a unique marine-derived calcium which is better absorbed than generic rock-based products, leading to research proven benefits on bone density, something Anthea is relying on to fight her risk and stay active: “My greatest fear is to be inactive, so I’m fully prepared to put up a fight on this one, encouraging others in the danger zone to do the same.”

LithoLexal® & Anthea Turner Team-up for Bone Health Campaign

LithoLexal®‘s announcement of teaming-up with Anthea Turner, will see the star feature prominently in their marketing drive. In addition to press, radio and point of sale material, Anthea will front a special booklet on bone health. Furthermore, as noted by LithoLexal®‘s Managing Director, Chris Keeble, one of the most exciting parts of the partnership, is the chance to see if taking LithoLexal® will actually increase Anthea’s bone density, when she undergoes follow-up DEXA scans:

“Anthea is the perfect ambassador to support our brand mission, which is to highlight the risks of bone loss in women, throughout their life, during and after menopause – and crucially, help them fight back and legitimately combat the issue. Many women will relate to Anthea, because despite living an extremely healthy lifestyle, she’s showing signs of weakening bones – so it’s a real chance for us to demonstrate that LithoLexal® genuinely works in the real world.”

Anthea Turner will be putting research proven LithoLexal® to the test by supplementing her diet with LithoLexal® Bone Health Osteoporotic, which contains uniquely-absorbed marine calcium,magnesium, Vercilexal® fish cartilage extract and Vitamin D.

LithoLexal® is available exclusively from Holland & Barrett: LithoLexal




We at Glotime will be following Anthea’s journey and will bring you updates, stay tuned.

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Just imagine your life is a play, well Shakespeare said ‘All the World’s a Stage and all the Men and Women Merely Players’, and that is a fact.

We are all programmed by our childhood, or a chain of events that have shaped our behaviour or thinking.  Our expectations are based upon our own self-image, and these can be reflected in every aspect of our lives, from our relationships to our career choices.

Sometimes patterns of behaviour can be repeated, like constantly making the same misjudgements in the choice of a partner, or putting your trust in the wrong people.  You can then become a victim, and start to feel sorry for yourself, which becomes a downward spiral to depression.

Any of this familiar?  Well, it is not too late to change, and if you seriously want to rewrite your own life script, I assure you it is possible.

Without going into the details of my own life, I hit a stage where nothing seemed to work, whether it be my career, relationships or where I was living.  So after a few months of therapy with an amazing psycho-analyst called Andy White, with his help I did rewrite the script and am continuing to do so every day.

You may not have to take such drastic measures, but you can challenge just one area of your life and start with Mindfulness.  In simple terms, this means to meditate and be aware of your thought patterns and as soon as you are, and on a deeper level, things will start to change and miracles will begin to happen.

It may seem absurd, but it really is as easy as that.  As soon as you challenge repeated patterns or question your lack of self-belief, the power will be taken out of the demons that have ruled your life.  I am not saying they will vanish for ever, but they will certainly be put in their place and you will have the upper hand.

It is a lot to take in but I assure you it works, and I am going to give you a few easy exercises to get you started on the path to challenging your life patterns, and ultimately changing your life.

Are you ready?


Sit in an upright position and breathe deeply.   If you are distracted by the sounds around you simply come back again to the next breath. It takes time so take it slowly and stage by stage, and don’t worry if your mind wanders at first.


  • Sit comfortably. Find a spot that gives you a stable, solid, comfortable seat.
  • Notice what your legs are doing. If on a cushion, cross your legs comfortably in front of you. If on a chair, rest the bottoms of your feet on the floor.
  • Make sure your back is as straight as possible – if you have back problems lean against a chair.
  • Let your arms rest. Put the palms of your hands on your legs wherever it feels most natural.
  • Close or rest your eyes. It’s not necessary to close your eyes completely, but better for concentration.
  • Feel your breath. Bring your attention to the physical sensation of breathing: the air moving through your nose or mouth, the rising and falling of your chest.
  • Keep returning to your breath. Your attention will leave the breath at first and wander to other places. There’s no need to block or eliminate thinking. When you notice your mind wandering gently return your attention to the breath.
  • When you’re ready, slowly open your eyes or come back to full gaze. Listen and be aware of any sounds in the environment. Notice how your body feels right now, and feel your thoughts and emotions.


If you would like to learn more about meditation and mindfulness please contact us at Glotime.tv and we will send you helpful links and information.

Here are some books you may want to acquire to help get you started.  I am excited for you, sending you love and light and looking forward to hearing about your new transformation.

Jason Chan – Radiant Warrior


Henepola Gunaratana – Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness


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